chuko ramen

It may be time for me to rework my ramen rankings because I was blown away by the ramen at Chuko in Prospect Heights. The ramen is miso based and full of flavor. It tasted rich and creamy,  almost buttery. I definitely ordered extra noodles so I could eat all the broth. Chuko is CASH ONLY, don’t forget.


So now I’d say my New York ramen rankings are as follows.

  1. Chuko Ramen
  2. Mokbar
  3.  Totto Ramen

Check out the full Chuko menu here.

back on the horse (stuff and things)

Haven’t done one of these in a while. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


  1. DesignLoveFest has  about a million( ok maybe a few hundred) free downloadable wall papers for your computer. I needed a change  and I picked this beautiful Max Wagner print as my background because I’m going to the beach later in the month and it puts me in the mood. But if that’s not your speed there are 100’s more.

Designlovefest wallpaper


2. I bought this print of my beloved Shake Shack from Etsy Seller Elizabeth Baddeley. I still need to get it framed though.


3. Here’s a video of what New York looked like in 1993. You can see the Twin Towers, old looking taxis, and those swishy track suits we all used to wear. It’s pretty neat.


4. There’s a new Momofuku Milk Bar open in Chelsea. There’s also an new soft serve flavor, fruity cereal milk. It tastes like fruit loops.

Momofuku milk bar fruity cereal milk

5. Have you seen this video of skydivers playing quidditch? Maybe I should reread the books again.

6. I enjoy trying different workouts and in that spirit, I took a rowing class at Row House in Chelsea. The format is as follows: row for 15-20 minutes, then get off the machines and do cardio (burps and such) for 10 minutes, then hop back on the machines for another 15-20. I need a few more classes to perfect my stroke but it’s definitely something I’d like to do again.

Row House

lam zhou handmand noodle and dumpling

On a hot day last August someone took pictures of Prosperity Dumpling making food in an alley filled with rats and garbage, and it’s been closed ever since. Not that it was much of a surprise, I think we all overlooked the cleanliness (or rather the lack of cleanliness) at Prosperity Dumpling because the dumplings were so tasty…

But now the party is over and I’ve found a new dumpling spot that might be, may be, could be better than Prosperity Dumpling. I’m waiting for lightening to strike me down but it hasn’t so it must be true.

When you go, you must add all the sauces to the dumplings. Add the vinegar, the chili oil, and the sriracha because the combination is delicious. At 10 for $3, it’s not Prosperity dumpling prices but it’s damn close. Don’t try and share the 10 with anyone, after you taste one, you’ll want them all for yourself.

I have yet to try the hand pulled noodles but when you visit, you can watch the workers slamming noodle dough in the back.

lam zhou handmade noodle and dumpling

As with the majority of Chinatown restaurants this place is cash only.

horn blower cruise easter brunch

Happy super late Easter. I spent my Easter on a brunch cruise with Hornblower Cruises. The weather was nice–not hot, and not the random winter weather we’re experiencing right now.

Hornblower cruises

Jacket- Barbour, dress- Free People

Hornblower offers chartered cruises on the Hudson River that leave from either Pier 40 in the West Village, or Pier 15 at South Street Seaport. They have brunch or dinner cruises on most major holidays including Mother’s Day, The Fourth of July, you get the idea.

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quality eats

The list of places that I haven’t written about because they did not live up to the hype is long. I’m thinking about all the disappointing fried chicken places I’ve tried in NYC. How hard is it to add enough seasoning? But thankfully, Quality Eats lives up to all of the hype, and I know I will return many times.

Quality Eats is a cozy, dark, steakhouse in the Greenwich Village. It’s nice, but not so nice that you would look out of place wearing a pair of jeans and a nice shirt. The restaurant looks small from the outset, but there’s an extra room in the back with seating.

The first thing you should order is the Nueske’s Bacon appetizer. It’s made with jalapeño jelly and peanut butter, which sounds crazy, but it works. We really should’ve ordered two because the sadness we felt when the dish was finished was too real.

Quality EatsThe steaks at Quality Eats are incredibly affordable. The prices range from $19-$29. Below is the least expensive option, the Bavette cut (super juicy and tender), which comes with brûléed creamed corn. Damn I loved the brûléed corn. I need to figure out how to make this.
IMG_6117Don’t skip out on the sides at Quality Eats. We liked the chickpea skillet rice and the baked potato monkey bread.
Quality Eats


Quality Eats

And finally, they serve homemade ice cream for dessert. This was toasted s’mores and the ice cream truly tasted like burnt marshmallow.

Quality Eats

Proud member of the clean plate club right here. I’m also in love with the branding. The company that owns Quality Eats (Quality Branded) has a more expensive restaurant called Quality Meats so for this restaurant they scratched out the “M” on all the signs and menus.

Quality Eats

Check out the full Quality Eats menu here. They serve brunch too! I suggest you make reservations, this place is hella popular.

butter & scotch

Happy Pi Day! I’m getting this post in at the knick of time but you must visit Butter and Scotch if you’re in the Crown Heights area of Brooklyn. It’s part bar, part bakery and all kinds of good. What started as a booth at Smorgasburg is now a super fun place. There are neon signs everywhere and and Christmas lights hanging on the walls.

Butter and Scotch


Butter and Scotch

And check out that shiny gold bar, so pretty.  butter and scotch When you go get the s’mores pie. Chocolate graham crust, chocolate custard, and freshly burnt marshmallow fluff.


Check out the full Butter & Scotch menu here.

insomnia cookies

 Last week after work I stopped at Insomnia Cookies three times, THREE. 

Insomnia Cookies

I like Insomnia Cookies because the cookies always come out hot and gooey. Look at the marshmallows on my s’mores cookie,👌🏾. Chocolate peanut butter cup is hidden underneath my s’mores cookies and it’s great too. 

Check out the full Insomnia Cookies menu here. There are 63848464747 locations not just in New York but all over the country. 

Happy Friday, #TreatYoSelf

museums in new york city

I try to visit a different New York City museum every month. Sometimes a girl has got to get a little non-food related culture, you know. Lucky for me many of the museums in New York City are free or pay-what-you-wish. Here’s a list to keep handy for your next visit to the city.


The Brooklyn MuseumI was surprised by how grand/opulent The Brooklyn museum was. Not that I expected it to be a dump but LOOK. Check out the Coney Island exhibit that is there until March 13th.

Free on Thursdays from 6-10, and any other day admission is pay-what- you-wish.

The Brooklyn Museum

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