lam zhou handmand noodle and dumpling

On a hot day last August someone took pictures of Prosperity Dumpling making food in an alley filled with rats and garbage, and it’s been closed ever since. Not that it was much of a surprise, I think we all overlooked the cleanliness (or rather the lack of cleanliness) at Prosperity Dumpling because the dumplings were so tasty…

But now the party is over and I’ve found a new dumpling spot that might be, may be, could be better than Prosperity Dumpling. I’m waiting for lightening to strike me down but it hasn’t so it must be true.

When you go, you must add all the sauces to the dumplings. Add the vinegar, the chili oil, and the sriracha because the combination is delicious. At 10 for $3, it’s not Prosperity dumpling prices but it’s damn close. Don’t try and share the 10 with anyone, after you taste one, you’ll want them all for yourself.

I have yet to try the hand pulled noodles but when you visit, you can watch the workers slamming noodle dough in the back.

lam zhou handmade noodle and dumpling

As with the majority of Chinatown restaurants this place is cash only.

xu bing, phoenix

The Cathedral of Saint John the Divine doubles as an art gallery. Every few months to a year one or more exhibitions are on display and can be viewed by the public for free. Right now the main exhibition is “Phoenix” by Chinese artist Xu Bing. Two phoenixes made out of salvaged debris from a Chinese construction site. The male is called Feng and the female is called Huang and they are majestic. The phoenixes are in The Cathedral of Saint John the Divine until the end of February. Click here for more information.

Xu Bing- Phoenix

So you can get an idea of the scale of the birds.

Xu Bing- PhoenixA few close up, detail shots.

Xu Bing- PhoenixPVC pipe, bamboo, and rusted metal.

Xu Bing- PhoenixThese two birds are the best things I’ve seen in New York thus far.