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It’s Valentine’s Day, and I’m treating myself to Whack Burger. Also I have a late class on Thursdays, and I’m usually not in the mood to cook. Whack Burger can also be called my favorite burger place in all the land. I’ve given this restaurant a stupid amount of money, but it’s always worth it. Whack Burger is located in Covington (just over the river from Cincinnati) on Madison. Madison is kind of a dead street. Off hand, I can only think of 3 restaurants that I enjoy-Riverside Korean, Amerasia, and Whack Burger. I hope in the near future Madison goes the way of Over-the-Rhine and has a rebirth. I did see some construction today, but I’m not sure what’s being built.

Whack burger sign

Pic via Whack Burger facebook page

The walls of the restaurant are lined with comic book pages, and there are comics on all the tables for people to peruse while they wait for their food.
whack wall

My favorite burger place in all the land has a large menu with 14 different types of burgers to choose from. So far I’ve tried 7, and I’ve been disappointed by none of them. My favorites are the brie and apple, followed by the fried green tomato.

At Whack Burger you can choose beef, turkey or black bean, and the patty can be served on brioche, whole wheat, or  as a salad. I’m curious about the salad; I’ve never seen anyone order it.

Today I went with my favorite, the brie and apple with beef (sometimes I get turkey because I’m afraid I’ll die if I eat too much red meat, but It’s Valentines Day so I’m treating myself). It’s a nice combination of sweet grilled red apples, slices of brie cheese, and ketchup.The burger has just the right amount of pink. And oh, the ketchup! They make their own. It’s tangier than regular ketchup. The only ingredient I can identify is garlic, but I know there’s tons of other good stuff in there. The ketchup goes perfectly with a side of their thick steak-cut fries.

whack burger

I don’t feel this picture does Whack Burger justice – I was hungry and I didn’t feel like paying around with my camera settings but please visit Whack Burger. It’s the best.

Full Whack Burger menu here.

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