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On the way back to Cincinnati I stopped in Atlanta to visit Flip Burger Boutique, owned by Top Chef contestant Richard Blais. Earlier in the year I visited  another Top Chef contestant’s restaurant, Good Stuff Eatery and I was eager to compare the two. You can read that review here. I decided to get my meal to go; on road trips I tend to look like a bum, and I don’t think other diners should be subjected to that. However I managed to stealthily snap some pictures at the bar as I was waiting for my food.

flip burger

Everything is very sleek and modern in Flip Burger. I like those high booths in the back.

Flip 2

Onto the food. I decided to order a turkey burger because I’m afraid I’ll die if I eat too much red meat, and the pomegranate ketchup interested me. I couldn’t taste a difference in the ketchup, but the burger had a nice peppery crust that I really enjoyed. I also got the fry side sampler ( it’s a long drive you OK.) which consists of vodka-battered onion rings, sweet potato tots, and fries. The fries were standard but the onion rings and tots were exceptional. The breading on the onion rings was light and crispy, and the tots were dusted with chocolate salt, yay. Last I had the Nutella and burnt marshmallow shake. I didn’t get to see it in action, but the shakes are made using liquid nitrogen. The shake was chocolaty, and I could still feel the heat from when they had burnt the marshmallows.

All in all a very good meal. In the battle over which Top Chef burger joint is better I can’t decide. I would return to both, but I like the shake from Good Stuff Eatery better than the shake from Flip Burger. And I like the burger from Flip better than the burger from Good Stuff. I hope to visit other top chef restaurants soon like Talde in Brooklyn and Little Goat in Chicago, but as you know, law school ruins everything so we’ll see.

Full Flip Burger menu here.

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