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I find the upper east and west side pretty meh unless you want to go to a museum or visit Central Park. But Brooklyn! Brooklyn is full of life, and music, and good smells coming out of restaurants, and diverse people hanging out of open air bars. Brooklyn needs to be my next move. I quite enjoy roaming the city and checking places off of my New York restaurant bucket list. Despite all the eating I do, I’ve lost 14 pounds since May, (my not so humble brag) and I attribute a small part of it to ditching my car at the beginning of the summer and walking everywhere.

Snap, Mallow, Pop / Ample HillsNails: Essie, Warm and Toasty Turtleneck

Ample Hills Creamery is my favorite New York ice cream spot (that I’ve tried so far).  I love fun, unique ice flavors and Ample Hills creates new ones often. On this visit I had a scoop of Snap Mallow Pop ice cream. It’s a deconstructed homemade rice crispy treat. The ice cream is supposed to taste like marshmallow but it doesn’t; it just tasted like a nice vanilla. But the rice crispy nuggets are what makes the ice cream great. They tasted as though they had been soaked in butter. That’s the best way folks. I emphasize the homemade aspect because I’ve always felt the homemade rice crispy treats tasted more special than the store bought  kind. Next time I want to try the Salted Caramel Crack ice cream.

Check out the Ample Hills Facebook page for a daily menu.

And happy Labor Day!

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