the meatball shop

This is the Q- ball. It was a special at The Meatball Shop a few weeks ago which means I should have been on the ball (see what I did there) and written about it earlier so you could try it, but maybe they’ll it’ll show up on the menu again. The Q-ball is made with ground turkey, quinoa, and black pepper. The flavors were nice, but I wish I had gotten the suggested sauce (pesto) because the balls were dry y’all. Beneath the meatballs is red pepper risotto, which I liked but it wasn’t cooked consistently because I ate lots of hard pieces.

the meatball shopIt was an overall lukewarm meal at The Meatball Shop, but I’d give it another visit to sample some of their regular menu items.

Check out the full Meatball Shop menu here.
The Meatball Shop on Urbanspoon

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