mighty quinn’s barbeque

I’ve been working my way around Hudson Eats in Brookfield Place, a new dining space in Battery Park City that overlooks the Hudson River.

Brookfield Place ViewLook at the view.

Hudson Eats

Pic Via Grubstreet

So many great NYC casual dining restaurants are located in Hudson Eats; Sprinkles, Num Pang, Dig Inn, Chopt, Umami Burger, and seven others fill the large dining hall.

Mighty Quinn's bbq

On this visit I dined at Mighty Quinn’s Barbeque and I was very excited to try it because there is nary a bad word written about the place. The brisket above has all the hallmarks of great bbq; a thick smoke ring, a thick crust, and a good mix of fat  that makes the meat juicy. But ya’ll there was one problem, the sauce. I am not used to a vinegar based bbq sauce, and I don’t like it.  Maybe I got a bad batch, but all I tasted was the vinegar.

Mighty Quinn's Sweet Potato CasseroleThe sweet potato casserole though, that was the best. It’s made with maple and pecans and even the smallest portion offered is huge. Despite the sauce situation, Mighty Quinn’s is an excellent bbq joint. You should Google pics of the brontosaurus rib.

Check out the full Mighty Quinn’s menu here

Mighty Quinn's Barbeque on Urbanspoon

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