memorial day at shake shack

Yes, it’s another post about my beloved Shake Shack. This time it’s about the special menu items Shake Shack offers only three times a year; Memorial Day, Labor Day, and the Fourth of July. Memorial Day weekend you can order Shake Shack’s all beef corn dog with sweet corn relish and the pecan pie oh my concrete.

Shake Shack Corn Dog

The concrete has an entire slice of pecan pie in it, swirled together with vanilla custard. On the Fourth of July, Shake Shack serves a blueberry pie oh my concrete, and on labor day the flavor is peach.

Pecan Pie Oh MyI can’t remember the last time I had a a hot dog, but from now on I’m sticking to the high quality, all beef variety. And I liked the cornmeal batter too. You still have two more occasions this year to try Shake Shack’s corn dog. Labor Day and the Fourth of July.

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