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I originally had plans to try out Eataly but when I got off the subway  smelled the scents coming from the market I changed my mind.  Madison Square Eats is a semi-annual culinary pop up market located in Flatiron. The market only runs until May 30, so you only have five more days to check it out.

Madison Square Eats My list of New York restaurants to try is over 100 places long and many if my to-try restaurants were featured at Madison Square Eats. I only allowed myself to choose two, Roberta’s and Pig and Khao.

Roberta'sRoberta’s is a pizza place located in Brooklyn, and the pizza above is called The Bee Sting. It was cooked in an on-site pizza oven and made with mozzarella, tomato, soppressata (salami) chili flakes, chili oil, and honey. I liked the fluffy crust and and the spiciness of the chili oil mixed with the honey.

Check out the full Roberta’s menu here.
Roberta's on Urbanspoon

Pig and KhaoNext up are Thai curry chicken wings from Pig & Khao. Pig & Khao is a Thai/Filipino restaurant on the Lower East Side and they made those wings perfectly. The best part of the chicken was the crust of the fried chicken. It was thick and crunchy and adhered to the chicken really well. And the Thai flavors in the sauce made for a nice deviation from standard wings sauces. I don’t see the wings and the regular Pig and Khao menu so it must be something special just for Madison Squares Eats. Remember, you have five more days to try them.

Pig & Khao on Urbanspoon

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