my beloved shake shack

When you get off of the Staten Island Ferry, you are let out in the Financial District and the closest Shake Shack is a short walk from there. Well, it’s a long walk if you have no idea where you are going and got lost a few times like me.

Shake Shack, Financial DistrictEvery season Shake Shack introduces a new flavor of  lemonade. Last summer I remember loving the blueberry lemonade, but this summer strawberry lemonade made with fresh strawberry puree is my new favorite. I also got to try Shake Shack’s new fresh cut fries and well–I guess I’m the only person on Earth who preferred the crinkle cut frozen fries. But I’ve read that you can still get the crinkle cut fries at different locations around the city so I’ll be seeking them out until they are gone for good.

I’ll definitely post about Shake Shack many more times, maybe this weekend in fact. During Memorial Day weekend Shake Shack has a special menu. You know I gotta try that.

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