taqueria mercado 3

I really dislike Mexican food. Refried beans, Mexican rice, enchiladas– none of it appeals to me. I know Taco Bell isn’t considered true Mexican food but that place is gross too.  But I was lured to Taqueria Mercado by some co-workers with the promise of  $3 margaritas at happy hour, and instead of simply buying drinks, I ordered food too. Now say hey, Mexican food isn’t bad.

First, Taqueria Mercado has the best tortilla chips. They’re made in-house and arrive at your table hot from the fryer.

Tortilla chips-taqueria mercadoSecond, my quesadilla was awesome! It was put together simply with only onions, lettuce, cheese, and crispy pieces of pork, but it was filled to exploding and generously (but not overly) seasoned.

Quesadilla- Taqueria MercadoI’d say the best time to visit is during happy hour or dinner. The place is slammed during lunch.

Check out the full Taqueria Mercado menu here and I really do suggest you visit during happy hour for margaritas.

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