the eagle

I’ve been to The Eagle 3 or 4 times since it opened but I haven’t been able to get good pictures so I’m giving up and finally writing this post.

The eagle 1See, so dark, so crappy.

The Eagle 2 Well this one is a bit better, but I think I’m going to start hauling my nice camera everywhere I go.  That’s the only way you get better right?

Anyway, the first thing you need to know about The Eagle is that it is very affordable. At most of the restaurants downtown and in Over the Rhine you can’t leave without spending upwards of $60 per person. But at The Eagle you can spend $20 or less per person and feel more than satisfied.

The fried chicken at The Eagle is pressure cooked and breading on the fried chicken isn’t as thick as traditional southern fried chicken but it’s every bit as good. Top it with the spicy honey sauce for a new flavor. And 1/4 of a chicken for $5? Thats a crazy good deal.

My favorite side is the mac and cheese (5 different cheeses), followed by the spoon bread (there are pieces of corn layered on the bottom of the cast iron skillet), but I’m also a fan of the brown sugar bacon, and I need to try the sweet potato crock and the cheese dip.

The Eagle MenuHere’s the full The Eagle menu.

Stop in, I don’t know anyone who has been disappointed yet.

The Eagle Food and Beer Hall on Urbanspoon

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