I’m back from a glorious spring break vacation in Charleston, South Carolina. I had visions of lying on the beach all day and eating at great restaurants every night but the cold weather screwed up my beach plans. One out of two isn’t bad though. Charleston has so many great restaurants on King Street and beyond. If the weather had been better my friends and I could have tried a few food trucks too. All the more reason to go back (when it’s warm). My favorite Charleston restaurant was Prohibition. We stopped in for brunch and they had my favorite creme brûlée french toast on the menu. Coated in creme brûlée custard and rolled corn flakes,  it was perfect as always. Red pepper hash was my side dish, and what made it stand out was the sriracha hollandaise. It’s been added to my “must recreate” list.

Prohibition- creme brûlée french toast

Check out the full Prohibition menu here, and there are more pics from Prohibition on my instagram located on the right.

Prohibition on Urbanspoon

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