le’s pho

Once again I’m interning downtown this semester so expect me to go thru a bunch of downtown lunch spots.

Le's Pho

Pic via Le’s Pho Facebook page.

The banh mi bel0w is from Le’s Pho, a Vietnamese sandwich shop located at the end of Court Street.  The sandwich is simple and delicious, consisting of your choice of meat, carrots, mayo, jalapeño, and cilantro. I chose the chicken and it was tender with a nice charred flavor. And the best part is the sandwich only costs $4. Think about that next time you want to get a mediocre sandwich from Subway. In fact, I don’t remember seeing anything priced above $5.

Le's Pho- banh miI’ll definitely be back to try the pho, and another time after that to try the teriyaki chicken.

Open daily from 11-4
Le's Pho and Sandwiches on Urbanspoon

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