riverside korean

This is an extremely old post from before Thanksgiving. I’m still playing catchup. Riverside Korean is one of the few great places to eat on Madison Avenue in Covington (Whack Burger and Amerasia are the others).  The pan fried dumplings with the garlicky soy dipping sauce are wonderful.

Goon Man Du- Pan fried dumplings And with every entree you order, the restaurant gives you a sampling of Ban Chan which I guess are small appetizers that are served before your meal. The waiter told me that the restaurant changes them around regularly so every time you visit you’ll get to try different items. I remember trying kimchi, potato, spicy cucumber, mushrooms and ginger, the rest of it, who knows.

Ban Chan For my entree I ordered Dolsot Bibim Bab which is rice, veggies and meat served in a hot stone bowl, with an egg on top. Then the waiter mixes it up for you. The red sauce above is for you to control the spice levels.

Dolsot Bibim BabThe restaurant also has traditional floor seating but I wasn’t feeling it that day and opted for a booth. If you’re ever in Covington, consider Riverside Korean for lunch or dinner.

Check out the full Riverside Korean menu here

Riverside Korean on Urbanspoon

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