lavomatic (closed)

Happy new year! I am done with finals and ready to begin posting regularly again. I have lots of ideas, both food and non food related. And I  still have a couple of old D.C. posts, but who knows if I’ll post those. It’s been so long, I barely remember what I thought of the food.

But, I’ll start with the most recent restaurant I’ve visited, Lavomatic. For a long time I was hesitant to try Lavomatic because the reviews have been all over the place with the change of head chefs over the years. But when I found out that Josh Campbell of one of my former favorites Mayberry had been named head chef I figured I’d give it a chance. I gotta say this meal was a giant step up from the goldfish crackers, coke, and coffee I was living on during finals.

brussels sprouts lavomatic Brussels sprouts are quickly becoming my favorite veggie. I’ve been taste testing them at several restaurants and so far the caramelized sprouts from Via Vite are number one, but these are great too. Roasted and drizzled with a yummy ginger sauce and peanuts.

Brown sugar salmon lavomaticFor my main dish I ordered the Brown sugar salmon which was nicely cooked, but the real standout was the butternut squash ravioli that came with it. Loved, loved, loved it. It was just the right amount of sweet. I could have eaten an entire bowl of the ravioli as an entree.

Right now Amazon Local (similar to Groupon) has a deal where you can pay $20 for  a $40 meal. I’m not sure how long it will  be available, so you should scoop one up now. And if you’ve had a bad meal at Lavomatic in the past, you should give the place another chance. The restaurant is doing great things now.

Check out the full Lavomatic menu here.  They have red velvet pancakes for brunch! I can relive my Founding Farmers meal.

Lavomatic on Urbanspoon

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