luke’s lobster

Man did I spend a lot of time in Georgetown. After this I believe I have two  more Georgetown eateries in the queue, oops. Next stop, Luke’s Lobster.

Luke's LobsterNever having eaten a crab, lobster or shrimp roll before (I’m not sure how is this possible) I decided to go big and order the Taste of Maine, which gives you half a roll of each. The rolls are dressed simply with a hit of secret seasoning (which I’m pretty sure is Old Bay and some other stuff) and a drizzle of butter. My favorite of the three was the lobster roll, though I am a butter fiend and could have used more. My friend ordered the lobster grilled cheese with gruyere, and it was fantastic. I liked it more than the rolls I ordered.

Maine root sodaAlso Luke’s Lobster serves Maine Root Soda, which I can only get at Jungle Jim’s in Cincy. You must try the blueberry soda, or the maple lemonade.

Check out the full Luke’s Lobster menu here. There are Luke’s Lobster locations all over New York, D.C. and Maryland.

It was a great first seafood roll experience, but can anyone tell me how they stack up against the rolls in the Northeast?

Luke's Lobster on Urbanspoon

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