shake shack again

Shake Shack, Smoke shackI went back once again to my beloved Shake Shack. This time to the location in Dupont Circle so I could try the Washington Monu-mint concrete (every Shake Shack location has a concrete exclusive to that location).

Shake Shack, Monu-mint Normally I’m not a fan of mint in my desserts (boo thin mints) but this concrete had a subtle minted marshmallow sauce that didn’t overpower the other ingredients (chocolate custard, and chocolate truffle cookie dough, cheers!). Also I tried the Smoke Shack burger, which had a cherry pepper sauce, bacon, and shack sauce thrown on. The cherry pepper sauce is what really makes the burger special. I like it better than the original and it’ll be my go to order when I make my next visit to Shake Shake. My goal is to visit every Shake Shack in the country, maybe even the world (dream big you know).

Shake Shack tableAnd look, all the tables in Shake Shack were made from old bowling alley lanes. Two snaps for environmentalism.

Shake Shack on Urbanspoon

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