taste of belgium, short vine

I’m interrupting the Washington D.C. posts to talk about the new Taste of Belgium location on Short Vine. From what I’ve read, Short Vine is similar to what Over the Rhine used to be 5 years ago before all the great restaurants moved in; and once again Taste of Belgium got in on the ground floor. Previous to my visit this weekend, the only other times I’ve visited Short Vine were to grab some Jamaican food from Island Fridays (Island Fridays gets a thumbs up by the way), but now I want to return and check out Alabama Que and Cafe de Wheels.Taste of Belgium logo Everyone raves about the chicken and waffles at Taste of Belgium but my favorite brunch item is the McWaffle. It’s egg, bacon, and gruyere cheese between two of Taste of Belgium’s classic liege waffles, and it’s wonderful. Sweet and salty wins every time.

McWaffleWord on the street is that Short Vine is getting a Meatball Kitchen and a Hang Over Easy. I’ll be down that way all the time because it’s only a mile away from the law school. It’s all happening on Short Vine. Or rather, it’s all about to happen on Short Vine. You should check it out.

Taste of Belgium on Urbanspoon

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