the sweet lobby

The Sweet Lobby, macaroonsMacarons are having their moment. They are the new cupcake. Ugh scratch that –after conversing with some co-workers I think froyo is having it’s moment and it needs to die. There are so many mediocre froyo places on every street, and I have to go way out of my way to get decent ice-cream. I could go on a rant about froyo but this post is about macarons.

The Sweet Lobby is just a one minute walk from Eastern Market. The place in tiny, but with huge cases displaying the macarons. My favorites were orange-ginger, and pistachio. They were all pleasantly chewy. I’d never had macarons before this visit to D.C., but I’ve been told that Trader Joe’s has pumpkin macarons, and I think Taste of Belgium sells them too. How long before Cincy gets it’s own macaron shop like the ones all over D.C.?

Check out the Sweet Lobby menu here. Macorons are $1.60 each. They also sell cupcakes with macarons on top (called mactops). It’s the best of both worlds.
The Sweet Lobby on Urbanspoon

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