market lunch, eastern market

Eastern Market This weekend I was in D.C. for a job fair, and I took the opportunity to cross a few restaurants off my wish list.  The picture above is Eastern Market, (looks like Findlay Market, no?) which is where the legendary Market Lunch is served.

Market lunch rulesThe line was long and the Market Lunch rules are strict. The most important rule being “you are considered a food customer when you have food in your hand.” Then and only then can you sit in one of about 20 seats at the one table in front of Market Lunch.

The brick sandwich 2This is the brick. Bacon, egg, cheese, and a surprise potatoes. The bread is made by Market Lunch and the sandwich is heavy enough to fill you without adding anything else. The best part, the sandwich only costs $5.

Other more pricey options include shrimp and grits, omelets, french toast and blueberry buckwheat pancakes.

The next time I visit D.C. I’ll visit Market Lunch during lunchtime. I’ve seen pictures their soft shell crab sandwich and it looks amazing.

Market Lunch on Urbanspoon

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