Monday’s at Nicola’s are Bolo Monday’s, which means you get bread, salad, and bolognese for $13. That my friends is a steal because a bowl of bolognese normally costs $26, and this poor law student could not afford it otherwise.

Nicola's bread basket First the bread. There were so many types and the majority of them are made in house save for the honey wheat and the sourdough which are made by Shadeau Breads. My favorites were the focaccia rounds.  Small round disks of onion, zucchini, tomato, and rosemary, and we definitely asked for a second basket.

White butter- Nicola'sAnd look at the butter, it’s white! The waitress said it’s white because they whip the butter longer than usual, but my dinner friend said store butter is dyed. I need to do a google investigation to figure out who is correct. Regardless, the butter was excellent.

House salad- Nicola's House salad, with a honey balsamic dressing, yum.

Bolognese-nicola's Finally the bolognese, it was a tad bit salty but still delicious and super meaty. Just like the bread, the pasta is made in house and taste so very fresh. We left stuffed, happy, and with the intention to walk across the Roebling back to Covington but we were too full to make that happen. Thank goodness for the Covington trolley.

Check out the full Nicola’s dinner menu here.

And Nicola’s sister restaurant, Via Vite does Bolo Monday for lunch and the cost is only $7.

Nicola's on Urbanspoon

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