main bite

There are so many new places set to open all over MainStrasse. In the coming months we’ll have a cupcake shop, a bakery, and a Thai restaurant, yes! Main Bite replaced Lime (not to be confused with Lime the chain burrito shop which is awful, but that’s for another post). I don’t understand why that place couldn’t succeed because I had a burrito with watermelon salsa and it was fantastic.
Honey goat cheese blubbery french toast
I’m getting back in the Sunday brunching groove, and the weather is now perfect for outdoor dining.  Don’t confuse me with one of those people who loves fall though. Pumpkin spice lattes are nice, but fall just foreshadows a cold and dreary winter and me living in my bubble coat.

The space is neat. It’s an old house that has been converted into a restaurant. It has outdoor dining both in the front and the back of the building.  And I saw on the Main Bite Facebook page that occasionally they have live musicians.

Onto the food. I was skeptical about ordering french toast stuffed with goat cheese. Sometimes you get a goat cheese that tastes like a mild, tangier version of cream cheese. And sometimes you get one that tastes like dirty socks. Fortunately the goat cheese in my dish tasted like the former. It was sandwiched between two large pieces of bread and was mixed with a sweet blueberry compote.The portion of french toast was huge and filling.* Main Bite has definitely been added to the brunch rotation.

Check out the full Main Bite brunch menu here.

Main Bite on Urbanspoon
*As a side note, I just started using maple syrup this summer. Holy amazing. Pancake syrup, never again.

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