kaze, happy hour

One of my to-dos for the year is to take advantage of more happy hours. Inexpensive drinks and food? I’m there. Friday I made the  happy hour rounds downtown and in Over the Rhine. First was The Righteous Room on Walnut. Drinks were half priced and they leave the large front windows open when the weather is nice. The Strawberry Moscow Mule was my favorite.

Kaze patioNext was Kaze, which has one of the neatest patio areas in the city. I like the fun lounge chairs in the picture above. They look uncomfortable, but I assure you they’re not.

Kaze Happy hour menuAnd the happy hour menu is killer. Sake, Sapporo beer, and house wine for $4, and appetizers from $3-5. I ordered a Niku short rib slider. The meat was melt-in- your- mouth, and the barbecue sauce was tangy.

Kaze sliderThe next time I go to Kaze happy hour I’ll try the pork belly ramen.  The next stop on the happy hour train will hopefully be Local 127. I keep reading things about Pimms. I have no idea what kind of alcohol it is but it is, but Local 127 has it, and I want to try it.

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One thought on “kaze, happy hour

  1. oh my goodness, i love Kaze.:) I can easily say the meal I had there was the best I have had in Cincinnati. Great prices, portions, food, and service. It really is the whole package. You HAVE to try the edamame hummus, unbelievable. I keep meaning to get back and enjoy the patio, they hadn’t opened the beer garden yet when I went.

    mmm Pimm’s! I love it. It is gin based and depending on which number Pimm’s you have it has been infused with different liquors and flavours. Very good stuff, people seem to love it or hate it. Japp’s also carries it, along with some stellar mixologists who know how to use it well. Not saying that local doesn’t, but I just have no experience there yet to judge one way or the other.

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