terry’s turf club

Today was the weigh in for my summer weight loss competition and newsflash, I did not win. The winner was my friend Joel ( down 16 pounds) and for the winning meal he chose Terry’s Turf Club. It’s been called the best burger in Cincinnati and was featured on Diner’s Drive-ins and Dives a few years ago.

outside terry'sIt’s located on the Eastside of Cincinnati and can’t be missed because of the loud/crazy signs outside the building. The inside is a sight too, with neon signs covering every surface.

inside terry's

Aside from the decor, what sets Terry’s apart from other burger joints are the variety of toppings and cheeses to choose from. Do you want Halloumi from Cyprus, or a Stilton from England? Would you like to try a Burgundy wine sauce with mushrooms and truffles, or a mango curry?

terry's burgerI ordered a burger with grilled onions and a cheese sauce made of gouda, cheddar, brie, a french cheese that I can’t remember the name of, and heavy cream. Yum, I should have ordered extra sauce for fry dipping.

terry's burger halfIt was perfectly cooked to medium, and look at the juice on the plate! Loved it.  If you watch the video clip above, you’ll notice that at Terry’s they season the burgers with a mixture of about ten spices ranging from cocoa to grains of paradise.  I don’t know another burger place that does that.

The service was quick today too. Terry’s is always busy. I don’t think there is a best time of day to visit. The last time I visited I had to wait an hour for a table, but today the stars were aligned, and we were seated immediately.

Checkout Terry’s Facebook for menus.

Terry's Turf Club on Urbanspoon

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