jimmy g’s / downtown restaurant week

First, the pictures in this post are going to look a little wonky because the lighting in Jimmy G’s is pink and purple. Jimmy G’s looks like it could have been a night club before it was a restaurant but after talking to the hostess I found out it used to be an Asian restaurant (shrugs).

TerrineSecond, it’s Downtown Restaurant Week here in Cincinnati and about 30 downtown restaurants have created special $35 prix fixe menus. I wanted to try several, but because I am a poor law student I could only choose one and Jimmy G’s it was.

Appetizer: Four Cheese Terrine with a couple baguettes, goat cheese with nuts, a fruity chutney and smoked grapes. That’s right, smoked grapes. They were weird and interesting and actually tasted good. One of my friends ordered the summer melon soup. He said it was very complex and the flavors kept changing with every bite so I had a taste, it was delicious.

filetEntree: Filet with sweet corn and lump crab chow chow. The steak was incredibly juicy and I was pleased with the lump crab. Most of the time the crab you get in restaurants is stringy and you can hardly taste the meat.

creme brûléeDessert: My favorite, creme brûlée. The only difference between this and other creme brûlées I’ve had is that this crust was  thinner and not as crunchy. It sill tasted great though.

Restaurant week only goes on through the 11th so pick a restaurant or two and go!

See the Jimmy G’s Restaurant week menu here

See the Jimmy G’s regular menu here

See all the restaurant week menus here
Jimmy G's on Urbanspoon

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