hello honey / trivia on fountain square

I think it’s safe to say that I’ve completely given up on my summer weight loss competition. I miss eating real food, potatoes especially, mashed potatoes with heavy cream and butter if we’re being really specific. I’m starting to think this competition was a horrible idea. Never before have I felt guilty about the food I eat and I do not like it. And so I’ve decided I’m no longer depriving myself. It’s back to brunching every weekend, drinking soda, and not thinking about calories. Prepare yourself for multiple feasts on the blog. In fact, this week is Downtown Restaurant Week!

torched marshmallow

And for my inaugural “I don’t care about the weight loss competition” meal I went to Hello Honey.  When I worked downtown last semester walked past Hello Honey everyday but I could never visit because I had to catch the bus for school.  But yesterday I got my chance. To be honest what made me want to visit Hello Honey is the fact that for an extra dollar they will torch a homemade marshmallow in front of your eyes. It makes me want to break out my kitchen blowtorch and brûlée everything.

Brownie and Cream

My flavor was brownie cream. It’s vanilla ice cream mixed with brownie pieces. Oh I’ve missed brownies, and when you swirl the ice cream with the toasted marshmallow it tastes even better. I hope Hello Honey is around for a while, it’s a nice little spot downtown.

Check out the Hello Honey Facebook page for daily flavors .

After Hello Honey I went to Fountain Square for trivia. Every Monday night through August you can get a team together and play for a gift certificate to a downtown restaurant. My team was in third until we bungled the final question. You win some you lose some. I should have been taking advantage of events on Fountain Square all summer. Salsa on Thursdays, all kinds of musical artists on Fridays and Saturdays.

Check out the events calendar here

Hello Honey on Urbanspoon

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