lumenocity / dojo gelato

Last night I went to Lumenocity in Washington Park and it was a beautiful show.  Hundreds of people pulled up chairs and blankets to watch the Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra an perform an amazing light show that was shown against the Music Hall. Here’s a quick video clip.

The Cincinnati Pops Orchestra played as well, and Cincinnati Opera singers sang selections from broadway. If you didn’t catch the performance last night, you can watch a second show tonight (Sunday) at 8:30. The place was packed so get there at least 2 hours early to ensure a decent view. As you can see from the picture below my view was excellent.


A large amount of food was available at the event. On 13th and Race there were about five food trucks (Waffo Truck, Pizza Tower, Urban Grill, Eat Mobile, and Dojo Gelato).  I was in the mood for ice cream. Real ice cream, not that b.s. frozen yogurt that has sprouted everywhere and pretends to be ice cream.  For $4.75 you get two flavors in a cup and chose balsamic black cherry and sea salt caramel.  My favorite was the black cherry, it was light and creamy. Dojo Gelato is open year round in Findlay Market. When the weather gets cooler I want to try the honey cinnamon latte I saw on the menu.

Dojo Gelato

Stop into Dojo Gelato and see what new flavors are in that day, and stick around to explore Findlay Market.

For more information about Lumenocity, including parking (free parking and shuttles to and from OTR at the museum center) and road closures click here.

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