take the cake (closed)

Before you step inside Take the Cake, you can smell baking biscuits and it is beautiful. I rarely make it out to Northside because there are so many spots closer to my apartment in Covington and in Over the Rhine. But last Sunday I had a craving and made the trip. Every weekend Take the Cake posts their black board menu on twitter. It’s always old favorites mixed new creations, but it’s nice to know what’s available before you walk in. But do arrive early, they start erasing dishes from the black board as they sell out. I still haven’t tried any french toast.

pop tony biscuit

This is the pop tony biscuit with Italian sausage, banana peppers, sweet ricotta, a poached egg and pickled veggies. It was perfection. I especially enjoyed the spiciness of the red sauce mixed with the ricotta.  Please notice the empty bowl in the background of the picture below.

red velvet cupcake As I mentioned before, I am a red velvet cake expert.  Important elements of a red velvet cake:

1. Icing to cupcake ratio (this actually goes for all cupcakes)

2. The cream cheesiness of the icing

3. Moistness of the cake (again this goes for all cupcake)

4.  Flavor of the cake (I don’t think any two red velvet cakes taste the same. One baker will add more cocoa; another will add more buttermilk, yet another will add vinegar. But each has that something that makes it taste different than plain chocolate cake)

This red velvet cake had a nice cake to icing ratio. Some places put on too much icing but this was just right. I would have liked a stronger cream cheese flavor though. The cake had nice moistness and that distinct red velvet flavor that I love.  Thumbs up!

Check out the Take the cake menu here, changed daily for lunch, brunch etc.

Take the Cake on Urbanspoon

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