I am a German food novice. I had a great German meal when I interned in Illinois last summer but since then there has been nothing in between. This is a shame because Cincinnati has so many German restaurants. Wunderbar, there’s been nothing in between. I can only think of one German restaurant in Augusta and I have never visited. Wunderbar Wunderbar has a rotating menu that is written on a chalkboard in the restaurant. Every week there are varieties of sausages and other German foods to choose from, and all of them are handmade inside the restaurant. This day I ordered smoky mango sausage with brussels sprouts and green beans. I have a new found appreciation for brussels sprouts. I’m not sure why I avoided them when I was younger, because the light char makes them taste delicious. The sausage was spicy, sweet and juicy with raisins inside.  And to me it tasted like bacon. I highly recommend the smoky mango. I also recommend sitting on their patio area outside. They have a great music selection, Bon Iver and the like. Next time I try schnitzel. Check out sample menus on their Facebook page. Wunderbar! on Urbanspoon

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