a tavola

Over the Rhine is apparently the place to be these days. New restaurants are added every few months and swank town houses are on the verge being finished. I don’t know if it was because of the Bunbury festival, or simply because it was a Friday night, but getting a table downtown was difficult. Bakersfield had a huge crowd outside the door, and Senate had a 2 hour wait, so we tried A Tavola and were seated in 20 minutes.

EggplantLike a good book you’ve just finished, or a brilliant episode of a television show, a great meal stays on your mind days after you’ve finished it. This night I tried three types of pizza but my favorite was the eggplant. First the crust. It is wood-fired, thin crust pizza that is neither doughy nor overly hard. The pizza is topped with pieces of fried eggplant with mozzarella, Roma tomatoes and a pesto aioli. I’ve never had pesto on a pizza before but the garlic, olive oil, and basil on the eggplant was splendid.  Sheesh I already know that at some point in the future I order a box to go to eat by myself.  Zero shame.

Brussel Sprout/Special

The left is a Brussels sprouts pizza and the right is the special of the night, Gorgonzola, pepperoni and sausage. I have a new found love for Brussels sprouts, I liked the taste of them with the caramelized onion. The special was good, but I think Gorgonzola on a pizza is a little strong for my taste.

A Tavola is a good place to go with a group of friends. You can split 3 or 4 pizzas, buy a couple drinks and come out spending only $20-$30 per person.  Next time I want to create my own pizza. The table next to ours made one with bacon, eggs, olive oil, and Fontina cheese. I’m a sucker for runny eggs.

Check out the full A Tavola menu here

A Tavola on Urbanspoon

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