teller’s of hyde park

It is disappointing when you look forward to a meal and it doesn’t meet your expectations. Oh Teller’s, I enjoyed a meal of grilled fish and beignets in the past, but your brunch left me empty. When I saw the malted pancakes with creme brûlée on the Teller’s menu I was sold.  But the meal I received was less than spectacular.

Malted pancakesFirst take note of the tiny amount of syrup on the pancakes. Who eats three pancakes with that small amount of syrup? I will concede that the syrup was an extremely tasty homemade blueberry. I asked for more. When I imagined pancakes with creme brûlée, I did not imagine two gummy globs placed on top of the pancakes, but that’s what I got. What’s more, the taste of alcohol in the creme brûlée was too overpowering. The pancakes themselves tasted like nothing. No sweetness, no butter, nothing. I understand that the malted milk powder is supposed to replace the sugar, but I’ve had malted waffles and pancakes at other places that didn’t taste like this.


I only ate half, then I was done. Not done as in full, because I left the restaurant hungry–done as in I didn’t want to eat anymore. The table next to me ordered the shrimp and grits and the smell was heavenly. Which made it even harder to finish my meal.

Some pluses:  The outdoor seating area is lovely. The blueberry syrup was great. My waiter was friendly. And the shrimp and grits smelled good. However I won’t be back.

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