bobby’s burger palace

Another visit to the Horseshoe Casino for me. This time I did a little gambling. Don’t get excited, I only won 5 cents. The real reason for the visit was to try Bobby’s Burger Palace.

Dallas Burger I chose the Dallas burger. Coleslaw, barbecue sauce, and spices crusted on the beef.  When I ordered the burger, the waitress asked if I wanted it “crunchified” which means with potato chips added to the burger. Why not? I thought the chips would make the burger awkward to eat, but they quickly soften up when they juices from the burger seep in. You should try it if you stop in. The burger was good, I liked the spices.

 Vanilla Caramel Bourbon Shake

My favorite part of the meal was the vanilla caramel bourbon shake. It was heavy on the bourbon and very good.

Onion Rings And finally a side of onion rings, standard goodness. It was a good meal overall, but would I go out of my way for it? Nope, it doesn’t beat my beloved Whack Burger.

Check out the Bobby’s Burger Palace menu here.

Bobby's Burger Palace on Urbanspoon

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