the spread buffet at horseshoe casino

School is done for the summer and I am finally free! I don’t start my summer job until next week, and to be honest, I’m a little bored without any work to do. I’ve watched the Hobbit twice today (zero complaints about that however).  For the summer, a few friends and I have started a summer weight loss competition. Side note– I have no idea why I agreed to do this. I don’t like to exercise, and I don’t need to lose that much weight. Oh I remember now, I like competition and I really dislike losing. Ugh, we’ll see how much weight I lose this summer.

As a last meal we decided to indulge in The Spread Buffet at the new Horseshoe Casino.  As a rule I do not do buffets. The food is usually luke warm and mediocre. And how long the food has been sitting out is a guessing game. However, the pictures of  The Spread looked so great that I was willing to break my own rule.

The first thing you notice about The Spread is how well kept and clean the area is. There are no crumbs or leaking juices anywhere. In fact the entire casino is spotless (and smoke free, hurrah!).  A waitress leads you to your table and then you’re free to choose from seven different stations of food.

Rhineland= German/Cincy food



Heartland= Carved meats

Marketplace= Soups, salads, etc

Dessert= Graeter’s ice cream, crepes, cupcakes etc


My favorite station was the Heartland station.  I enjoyed the freshly carved ham and brisket a lot. The fried chicken was meh though. Honestly if you’re not going to do fried chicken well, you shouldn’t do it at all. Or maybe I just have high fried chicken standards?

Spread plate

I really like how The Horseshoe Casino has incorporated food local to Cincinnati in the buffet (Graeters, Busken etc). I was looking forward to eating chicken and waffles from Taste of Belgium but it wasn’t available that day. Maybe it’s only served at dinner or weekend brunch? And I saw pictures of crab legs too, but those are only served at dinner on Fridays and Saturdays. This just means I need to return for brunch and dinner later this summer. So much for my summer weight loss competition. Although the winner does get a steak dinner paid for by the losers. I should probably start working out now.

* An update 06/22/2013. I went to The Spread again, but this time for brunch. They serve Taste of Belgium waffles, omelets, bacon, sausage, other breakfast foods and all the normal items served at lunch. You should go.

Check out better pictures of The Spread here.

The Spread Buffet on Urbanspoon

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