mayberry (closed)

Last Sunday was Easter, and nearly every restaurant in the city had a special Easter menu; Mayberry’s appealed to me the most. I have been in for lunch before, but it’s been on my brunch bucket list for a while, especially since they introduced Late Night Brunch (served from 11:00 pm- 3:00am every Friday and Saturday). I love the idea of having a quality restaurant to eat at after a late night rather than stopping at Waffle House or McDonald’s.


To start off brunch I had a freshly squeezed orange juice mimosa. Freshly squeezed as in the bartender brings you a glass of champagne and an orange wrapped in gauze and squeezes the juice into the glass for you. Presentation is everything, people. It was more tart than mimosas I am used to, but I guarantee that’s because manufacturers add extra sugar to the OJ we buy in the stores.


For my main entree I had the pancakewich- fried chicken topped with cheddar and sandwiched between two pieces of pancake, then drizzled with maple syrup and hot sauce. Similar to chicken and waffles, the combination of savory and sweet works well together, and the hot sauce (which I believe was a mixture of sriracha and other elements) gives the dish an extra kick.  The pancakewich is not offered on the regular brunch menu, but the restaurant has a lot of other dishes that sound delicious. I have my eye on the monte christo when I finally make it to late night brunch.

Check out the Mayberry menu here

Mayberry Gastro Pub on Urbanspoon

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