Virgil’s is a small, Cajun/Creole restaurant in Bellevue, Kentucky that has been featured on Diners, Drive-Ins & Dives, and two Sundays ago I went for brunch with a couple of friends. I have been to Virgil’s a few times before, but I always seemed to miss the creme brûlée French toast because the restaurant changes its brunch menu every week (please refer to the “hi” section of the blog to learn more about my creme brûlée obsession). This time however, I begged on the Virgil’s Facebook page for the French toast to be added to the menu for the week, and to my surprise the chef obliged. I do not think I can say thanks enough.


I have tried creme brulee French toast at two other restaurants in the city. Mokka, in Newport and Vitor’s, on the Westside. While both were good, they top the French toast with a pastry cream that tastes like the dessert, but there is no burnt sugar.

French Toast

Top Vitor’s, Bottom Mokka.

Virgil’s is different in that they burn sugar on the top of the French toast, while leaving a soft center. This is how creme brûlée French toast is supposed to taste; sweet, and buttery with crackly crust. In my opinion it’s the best in the city. The restaurant does not skimp on the bacon either. I was given five pieces and a side of fruit.

Virgil's French Toast

We also shared a plate of frog legs. I do not think these are for me though. They start out tasting like chicken, then finish tasting like fish. The breading on the frog legs was excellent though. If that breading was on fried chicken I would have eaten an entire plate of it.

Frog legs

The next time I hit up Virgil’s for brunch, I want to try the banana’s foster French toast that I have seen floating on the menu a couple of times. Check out Virgil’s menus here, and check the Facebook for the rotating brunch menu.

Virgil's Cafe on Urbanspoon

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