rooster’s beak (closed)

Whenever I go home to visit the parents there are a few restaurants in Augusta that I need to visit. Zaxby’s (though not technically a restaurant) is one of them. Frog Hollow Tavern I really love, and Rooster’s Beak is great too. I think I caught Rooster’s Beak on a bad night because my experience last week did not live up to previous visits. Known for its unique flavors of tacos and ice cream (hello, terrapin beer ice cream with chunks of red velvet cake!), Rooster’s Beak has become one of the most popular restaurants in downtown Augusta. The atmosphere is very warm, fun and young, with colorful paintings by area artists lining the walls (forgot to take photos). It’s the kind of place you get a drink and hang out with your friends for hours. Speaking of a drink, the restaurant has an extensive beer menu, and its Facebook gets updated with new brands all the time. I had Ace Perry Cider. It tasted like jolly ranchers. I must seek this out in Cincy.

Ace cider

But onto my meal, I had a shrimp tandoor taco (grilled marinated shrimp, Carolina Gold rice, sliced cucumber and tomato Tandoor slaw, and Mumbai sauce) and a mahi mahi taco (I think; I lost the receipt). I wish I could tell you anything about the flavors of the tacos or the sauces, but I can’t. Zero exaggeration here, every taco was like eating plain salt. I couldn’t even finish; one of my dining companions agreed. Again I think we caught Rooster’s Beak on a bad night or we got a bad batch because I looked at another table and they were devouring their tacos. It was so bad that I didn’t want to try any ice cream flavors –which is a shame because they had some interesting stuff going on that night (peppermint eggnog custard).  I’m not going to say I’ll never give Rooster’s Beak another chance…but it will be a while before I go back.

Rooster tacos

Rooster's Beak on Urbanspoon

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