disney, summer 2012

At the end of the summer I went on a spur-of-the-moment trip to Disney World to visit this one, with my other friend Courtney.

Cristyn, Three Broomsticks

 I love going to Disney. People will lie to you and tell you that it’s just a place for children, but that is not true. Disney World has over 100 restaurants throughout its theme parks and resort hotels, several of them highly rated.  And when you go to Disney as a young adult, you can skip all the kiddie rides get all the good rides out of the way, and lay by the pool for the rest of the afternoon while the stay-at-home moms are toughing it out in the heat. Finally,every Disney park serves alcohol, so there’s that.

This trip was a great wrap-up to the summer, and I wanted to share with you all some of the best things I ate while at the parks.

In Magic Kingdom, sold at Sleepy Hollow refreshments is a fruit and Nutella waffle.

Fruit and Nutella waffle

It’s nice to see theme parks stepping up their game foodwise. Gone are the days of hot dogs and popcorn; not that Disney doesn’t have those things, but they’ve certainly expanded their snack offerings in recent years. This was a nice snack to tide us over until dinner.

Another restaurant we visited was Sanaa in the beautiful Animal Kingdom Lodge. One day, when I have a real job, I’ll stay in this hotel.


First, the theming in this restaurant is amazing. Tree trunks are scattered throughout the restaurant and  the ceiling is lined with trees. My crappy cell phone pics don’t do it justice.

Inside the restaurant

Also, you, have a great view of the animals as you dine.


Onto the food. The restaurant is billed as serving “African cuisine with Indian flavors” and it did not disappoint.  As per a suggestion by Cristyn’s roommate, we started with the Indian Bread Service. There are five breads that you can choose from but we had the Traditional Naan, the Garlic Naan and the Onion Kulcha.  Out of the nine sauces to pick from we chose the Red Pepper Hummus, the Cucumber Raita and the Mango Chutney.


Cucumber Raita, Mango Chutney, Roasted Red Bell Pepper Hummus

Winner for best sauce was the Red Pepper Hummus, followed by the Cucumber Raita, then the Mango Chutney  (it was too sweet).

Kande Coconut Cooler , Malawi Mango Margarita

Oh delicious alcohol. Courtney and I both had the Malawi Mango Margarita (on the right), and Cristyn had the Kande Coconut Cooler. The margarita was better. It had a subtle sweetness that I will remember forever.

Beef short ribs, shrimp in green curry sauce, 5 grain pilaf

For the main course we all got variations of the slow cooked meals . You can chose two out of five meats (Butter Chicken, Shrimp with Green Curry Sauce, Spicy Durban Chicken, Beef Short Ribs and Spicy Durban Shrimp).  I had the Shrimp with Green Curry Sauce and the Beef Short Ribs. The beef was tender with hints of cinnamon and the shrimp was spicy and it was all delicious. It was a struggle to finish it all but of course I powered through.

I would definitely return to Sanaa again. I’d like to try a few more dipping sauces and the tandoori chicken next time. You can view the dessert, lunch and dinner menus here.

In addition to Disney we visited The Wizarding World of Harry Potter in Universal’s Islands of Adventure.


And we drank Butterbeer. It tastes like a mixture of cream soda and cookies. But the best part is the foam on the top that regenerates as you drink it. The foam tastes like caramel, but its not sickeningly sweet. I suggest a visit to this park for the Butterbeer alone.


I didn’t get to eat at any brunch spots while in Orlando. That was a mistake. I hope to visit again in October for the Epcot Food and Wine Festival that is held every year. But you know law school ruins everything, so we’ll see.

Art of Animation Hotel

Sleepy Hollow on Urbanspoon

Sanaa on Urbanspoon

2 thoughts on “disney, summer 2012

  1. Fantastic! Note that Magic Kingdom only serves alcohol at the Be Our Guest restaurant during dinnertime:) Sorry for my Disney expertise… lol
    I can’t wait to see you again and eat at more delicious restaurants!!!

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