queen city cookies (closed, sort of)

*Update. Queen City Cookies closed its Northside location but you can still order their items online.*

Last week, Joel and I went to Django in Northside for lunch. Let’s just say it’s not the best taco place in city.  Afterwards we stopped into Queen City Cookies.

queen city cookie truck

I first heard about Queen City Cookies via radio advertisements that went on and on about bacon Schnecken. I had no idea what Schnecken was but bacon automatically makes everything better so naturally I was intrigued. Then I went to Barrister’s Ball (law school prom) and a guest at my table happened to be a baker at Queen City Cookies. She explained that Schnecken is a sticky bun with various fillings. In addition to bacon Schnecken, they sell blueberry vanilla, apricot, pumpkin marshmallow, and a few other flavors. We sampled the blueberry vanilla (awesome) and purchased a loaf of the bacon. Schnecken is tasty when cold, but it’s magic when zapped in the microwave for 10 seconds. So buttery, so sugary, so soft, and so good. And the bacon ads a nice salty element.  Joel and I cut the loaf in half and my half was gone in two days. I enjoyed mine with apple cider.

Bacon Schecken

The Queen City shop is a neat place. We weren’t sure if we were walking into someone’s house by mistake.

Queen city shop

In addition to Schecken, they sell short bread, jams, and really intricately designed cookies. Check out these designs.

Queen City cookies is such a treat. You can order their creations online or stop into their shop in Northside.

Queen City Cookies on Urbanspoon

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