hammock grove, governors island

If you want to go to Governors Island walk all the way down to Pier 6. The ferry from Pier 6 costs $2, but the East River Ferry located on Pier 2 costs $6.

There’s lots of interesting stuff happening on Governors Island (like the sculpture below, it’s made of plastic cups), The Jazz Age Lawn Party, and acres of grass to play on.

Cup Sculpture/Governor's IslandBut I went to Governors Island for one reason: Hammock Grove, a field full of bright red hammocks for anyone to lounge on. Due to the relaxing nature of the hammocks, people stay on them forever so you have to keep you eyes peeled and be ready to pounce the moment it looks like someone is about to leave. And I cannot tell I lie, the moment a hammock was free I lounged for several hours. I’m not even sorry.

Hammock GroveYou have until September 28th to enjoy the Hammocks. Then the island is closed for the year.


the meatball shop

This is the Q- ball. It was a special at The Meatball Shop a few weeks ago which means I should have been on the ball (see what I did there) and written about it earlier so you could try it, but maybe they’ll it’ll show up on the menu again. The Q-ball is made with ground turkey, quinoa, and black pepper. The flavors were nice, but I wish I had gotten the suggested sauce (pesto) because the balls were dry y’all. Beneath the meatballs is red pepper risotto, which I liked but it wasn’t cooked consistently because I ate lots of hard pieces.

the meatball shopIt was an overall lukewarm meal at The Meatball Shop, but I’d give it another visit to sample some of their regular menu items.

Check out the full Meatball Shop menu here.
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dumpster dining

I was bumming around Brooklyn when I came across this:

dumpster dining in Brooklyn people having a meal in a dumpster. Huh? Hipsters, what are you doing? No, they weren’t eating garbage. There was a table, chairs, silverware and there was a professional chef explaining their meal (which smelled heavenly). A little investigation told me that these dumpster dinners are called The Salvage Supper Clubs, and they are organized every few weeks. The owners salvage food from farms, restaurants, and farmer’s market that would have been tossed, and create gourmet meals. The intention is to increase awareness about how food Americans waste. The dinner costs $50 a person, and the profits are donated to Culinary Corps. I’m not sure how to get in on one of the Salvage Supper Club’s meals because it’s all underground and secretive but the idea is neat, and it’s for a good cause. Only in New York right?


shut up about fall

I follow many blogs (my reader of choice is  feedly) and the recurring theme of a lot of them has been anticipating the arrival of fall. Blah blah blah pumpkin spice lattes (#basic) and leaves changing and riding boots. It’s as though they do not remember the horrendous winter we had last year and the polar vortex that seemed like it would never end. I’m here to say please shut up. Fall is just a precursor to a dreary winter, and this one is predicted to be awful too, so how about you all stop dreaming about scarves and enjoy the 20 something days left of summer.

bright, sunny, beautiful, New York

brooklyn pie oh my

Can’t stop, won’t stop loving the shack. At the Flatbush and Dumbo Shake Shack locations one of the exclusive concretes is the Brooklyn Pie Oh My concrete. Shake Shack uses whichever pie is in season from Brooklyn’s Four & Twenty Blackbirds pie shop. Right now the seasonal flavor is Peach Pie Oh My it is my favorite of all the pie concretes. Four & Twenty Blackbirds added the perfect amount of cinnamon to the peach pie.

Peach Pie Oh My- Shake ShackAnd this weekend is your last chance this year to try a corn dog from Shake Shack. The summer is flitting away. I fear a New York winter.

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kelvin slush

I am really good at finding free food. Last week I was roaming around the Flatiron District when a guy from Uber called me over to the Kelvin Slush food truck. “Send a tweet and get free slush,” he said, and  send a tweet I did. Kelvin Slush’s standard bases are ginger, citrus, and green/black tea but for Uber they threw in some extras. I chose a blueberry base with a hit of strawberry in the center. It was delightful and not too sweet. The only thing that would have made it better is a splash of booze. Does Kelvin Slush do that?

kelvin slush Thanks Uber!

Check out the full Kelvin Slush menu here.

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emma approved

Last year I wrote about an online youtube series called The Lizzie Bennet Diaries. It’s a retelling of Pride and Prejudice for the modern age (i.e. not every character ends up rich and married. Instead they get jobs and boyfriends). Now the same company, Pemberley Digital (so clever) has created another web series called Emma Approved based on Jane Austen’s novel Emma. Emma is my favorite Jane Austen novel so I binge watched all episodes hard once the bar was over. 70 episodes and I’m all caught up. What’s also neat about Pemberley Digital is how that use multiple platforms to tell the story. They’ve created twitter handles for all the characters and they interact with each other regularly. Enjoy!

Side note: I just noticed a new series called Frankenstein M.D. on the Pemberley Digital youtube page. I am intrigued.


This weekend I walked across the Brooklyn Bridge. Check out my selfie!

Afterwards I roamed around Brooklyn Bridge Park and DUMBO. Did you know you can kayak for free during the summer? I’m going to try to squeeze it in before the summer is over.  I visited the new DUMBO Shake Shack (duh) and stopped at a lemonade stand called Lizzmonade.

LIzzmonade menuWhat’s special about Lizzmonade is that they muddle fresh fruits and herbs (right in front of you with a wooden masher, or is it called a muddler) in the the bottom of a glass. Then they blend the mixture in a cocktail shaker to infuse the fruit and herb flavor with the lemonade. You can also choose how you want your drink seasoned. Naked (no sugar),  agave, or stevia. The fruit selection is seasonal so this time I ordered honeydew pineapple lemonade with basil. It was excellent, and when you drink all the liquid, you can open the top and drink the lemonade infused fruit. I hope to catch Lizzmonade on a day when they have cherries because cherry-mint lemonade sounds delicious.

Lizzmonade Special

Lizzmonade has a stand on Pier 1 of Brooklyn Bridge Park and a bar on Pier 2 that serves  a full food menu. They also sell lemonade at markets all over New York and New Jersey.

tacombi at fonda nolita

Tacombi at Fonda Nolita is a garage. A quaint, inviting garage.

Tacombi at Fonda Nolita

A quaint, inviting garage.

tacombi at fonda nolita inside

Where they serve tacos out of a VW bus.

Taco bus- tacombi at fonda nolita

And the absolute best thing on the menu is corn. There’s lime, chipotle mayo, and a ton of butter mixed in. Just how I like it.

tacombi at fonda nolita-tacos and corn

Oh, I should probably talk about the tacos too. On the left is pork belly and on the right is crispy fish. The pork belly was ok, I found the meat to be chewy but the crispy fish was perfect (beer battered). The restaurant gives you enough filling and toppings to fill multiple tortillas.

Check out the full Tacombi menu here.

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