empire biscuit

Empire Biscuit is located in the East Village and it’s open 24 hours a day. There’s nothing but biscuits on the menu (plus a few sides). Biscuits with jam, biscuits with eggs, you get the idea. I had the fried chicken biscuit (naturally) which is brined in tea and tarragon and served with a green tomato and house made ranch. I liked the crust of the fried chicken, it was breaded in panko crumbs (I think) and it was extra crispy. But here’s the thing, the chicken biscuit costs $8.50. I know everything is more expensive in New York but if I pay almost $9 for a sandwich I shouldn’t still be hungry after I’m done eating. There are less expensive jam options that I’d like to try when I’m in the area again though.

Empire BiscuitCheck out the full Empire Biscuit menu here.

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christmas windows

New York City goes all out for Christmas. There are lights everywhere and the sidewalks are lined with Christmas trees for sale that mask the normal NYC musk. Over the past couple weeks I’ve gone around snapping photos of all the sights. Enjoy!


Barney’s has live Christmas windows directed by Baz Luhrmann this year.

Barney's wins Christmas for having live action Christmas windows. #BazLuhrmann #ChristmasinNewYork

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This one is my favorite.

My fave #BazLuhrmann #ChristmasinNewYork

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At Bloomingdales you can take a picture a have it projected in the window.

Bloomingdales Christmas window Macy’s–the solar system.

Christmas on Mars.

Macy's Christmas windowChristmas on Uranus and Neptune

Macy's Christmas window

Christmas on Earth

Macy's Christmas window

Bergdorf Goodman

Bergdorf Goodman Christmas window


Bergdorf Goodman Christmas window


Bergdorf Goodman Christmas window

Saks–Fairytale theme

Snow White

Saks Christmas window

Little Red Riding Hood

Saks Christmas window


Saks Christmas window

That’s all folks. The Huffington Post put together a handy walking guide (including stops for food) for you to see all the windows. I’m still making the rounds of all the Christmas trees in the city. Until next time.

kambi ramen

This week New York has gotten its first snow and the city is especially pretty. Plus, I like the snow a lot more now that I do not have to drive in it. Public transportation is everything. Cold, rainy, and snowy weather means it’s officially ramen season. My list of ramen spots to try is extremely long and I don’t think I’ll get to them all this winter but I hope to make a large dent in the list. My second New York ramen place was Kambi Ramen House, located in the East Village. A trait that I love about the ramen places in NYC is that the kitchens are out in front with the diners. I like being able to watch chefs work. This time I decided to switch things up and go for a roasted garlic based ramen instead of a soy sauce based ramen and I dug it a lot. It had a strong garlic and pork flavor, and wasn’t overly salty. At Totto Ramen I had slices of chicken in my dish but at Kambi Ramen I had fatty slices of pork and from now on that will forever and always be my ramen meat of choice. Chicken is nice, but pork is better. Kambi Ramen House gets a thumbs up from me. Next time I’ll go spicy. And as with nearly every ramen place in the city, Kambi Ramen is CASH ONLY.

kambi ramenCheck out the full Kambi Ramen menu here.

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It was raining, it was cold, and this doughnut hit the spot one evening. Dough has it’s roots in Brooklyn but recently a beautiful shop opened in Chelsea. This is the chocolate salted caramel doughnut. It’s a yeast doughnut made with caramel infused Belgian dark chocolate and sprinkled with Mediterranean sea salt. It’s super chocolatey (is this a word?) but I couldn’t taste any caramel. Still, it’s leagues ahead of anything you’ll buy at Dunkin’. Also, we need more salted chocolate desserts in this world. It just works.

Chocolate Salted CaramelI wish I’d tried the lemon meringue doughnut too. Until next time Dough.

Check out the full Dough menu here.
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i’m feeling festive (stuff and things)

Christmastime in New York is the best!

1. This is my favorite Christmas song. Take it away Bruce!

2. In case you have an ugly Christmas sweater party to attend. One. Two. Three.

Ugly Christmas sweater

3. The most over-the-top Christmas trees of 2014.

Upside down Christmas tree in Paris

Upside down Christmas tree in Paris. Pic via Huffington Post

4. I’m still loving Hannah Andersson Pjs. Several colors are already sold out.

Hanna Andersson striped pajamas

5. Moo Cluck Moo in Michigan that pays its workers $15 an hour, sells $6 burgers and still makes a profit. Every other fast food restaurant is doing it wrong.

Up close and personal with the Basil Pesto Cluck. August #Craveables. #eatbetter

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6. Radio City Music Hall at Christmas time.

But Radio City has a pretty nice set up #ChristmasinNewYork

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7. The cast of Boy Meets World reunited for Christmas. Mom, Dad, Shawn, Cory, and Topanga. DYING. But where’s Eric and Mr. Feeny?!

love begins at dinner # 2

I was invited to another dinner with Love Begins At (dating for the over 40 set). This experience was much more entertaining than the previous dinner. Last time I was seated at a two top with a creepy 60 year old man who thought he had a chance of dating me. He’s a producer for Fox and Bloomberg and he kept telling me he could help me get on television. Nah bro, I’m good. I could probably write an entire post about this man but I’ll move on. This time I was seated at a big table with a large group of interesting people and none of them tried to hit on me. The dinner was held at Yerba Buena, a Latin Peruvian fusion restaurant in the East Village.

fish tacos - Yerba BuenaFish tacos-fried but they arrived mushy.

salmon- yerba buenaThe salmon of the person sitting next to me. Served with brussels sprouts and romesco sauce.

skirt steak- yerba buenaSkirt steak with avocado salad and yucca balls. The steak and the avocado salad were perfect, the yucca balls tasted like nothing.

tres leches cake- Yerba BuenaTres Leches cake. I have tried tres leches from several different places, and I have determined I do not like it. It’s not Yerba Buena’s fault.

Checkout the full Yerba Buena menu here.

Thanks Love Begins At and Yerba Buena! If you’re over the ago of 40 and want to meet people your age and eat great food, try Love Begins at.

vanessa’s dumpling house

I want to find out who has the best dumplings in Chinatown so every few weeks I pick a place and review. Today’s pick was Vanessa’s Dumpling House on Eldridge Street. At Vanessa’s, dumplings are 4 for $1.

Vanessa's Dumpling HouseI had high hopes for Vanessa’s when my dumplings arrived because look at the char! That’s the kind of crispiness I like to see. Unfortunately, the non-crispy side was thick and gummy. It’s not a bad dumpling, it just doesn’t beat Tasty Dumpling.

Vanessa's Dumpling HouseCheck out the full Vanessa’s Dumpling House menu here. They have locations in Chinatown, Union Square, and Williamsburg.

So far the rankings are:

1. Tasty Dumpling

2. Prosperity Dumpling 

3. Vanessa’s Dumpling House.

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cyber monday (stuff and things)

It’s (still) the most wonderful time of the year!

1. Right now everything on the Hanna Andersson website is 15% off. And all kids pjs are $20.40. I love mine. They’re made with organic cotton and are thick so they last a long time (I’ve had my pajamas for a year). I’m considering adding the green striped pajamas too. People like to use them for Christmas morning photo ops so if you’re going to get them do it now.

Hanna Andersson striped pajamas

2. The WalkingDead is gone until February and I need something else to watch on Sunday nights. I am however loving The Comeback on HBO. It’s awkward and uncomfortable, and hilarious. I can’t wait until HBO offers a standalone subscription service so I can stop bootlegging…

3. Asos: 30% off of everything with code ILOVEMONDAYS. This ugly Christmas sweater perhaps?

4. New York is magic at Christmastime. All of the lights!

5. Jcrew: 30% off of full priced items and 40% off of sale items with code HOLIDAY.

6. Cake push pops have now been added to my list.

got cake ny- cake push pops

6. Piperlime: 30% off of full priced items and 40% off of sale items with code CYBERSALE. Rain booties that look like regular booties!

Loeffler Randall rain fentonYou can also buy the booties from Madewell using code GIFTON. Or from Loeffler Randall using code CYBERMON.

7. Last Monday when it was 70 degrees in New York I walked up and down 5th avenue and Madison avenue looking at Christmas windows. I saw Saks, Macy’s, and Bergforf Goodman but I missed Barney’s window which features a six minute live show directed by Baz Luhrmann (The Great Gatsby and Moulin Rouge). Watch a little here.

black friday sales!

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! I’m not one to line up at a store with the crazies but I’m down for some online shopping. Here are some deals from places I shop at regularly. The deals are so good now that I wonder what deals the stores will offer for Cyber Monday.


Asos: 30% off of everything with code TGIBF.

Asos white dress

Jcrew: 40% off of sale items and 30% off of regular prices items with code HOLIDAY. I just bought this dress in black.

Madewell: 25% off of everything with code GIFTON.

Piperlime: 25% off of everything with code THANKFUL25

Cynthia Rowley


Lands’ End: 30% off of everything. I’m ordering this monogrammed cap for days when I don’t feel like doing my hair (quite often).

Lands' end monogrammed cap


Nike: 25% off of all clearance items with code DOMINATE.

ShopBop: 15% off orders of $250+, 20% off orders of $500+, 25% off orders of $1000+ with code GOBIG14.  I need these overalls.

Gilt: 40% off of orders using code STEAL.

6 P.M.: 15% off of everything using code 6PMEU112720141585