chicken shack, shake shack

My love, adoration, and obsession with Shake Shack has been extremely well documented on this blog. Shake Shack rarely disappoints me but the new chicken shack is not the best thing on the menu. It’s not that it’s a bad chicken sandwich nay, any fried chicken lover will be pleased. It’s just that there are better things offered. Have you tried the new Roadside Burger? It’s dynamite! The classic shack burger? It’s fire! The new chicken shack? It’s meh. I’m never going to crave it like I do the ‘shroom burger or even the new fried chicken sandwich from Fuku (I’ve been to Fuku four times since it opened by the way).Though the buttermilk mayo and the crispiness of the chicken sets it apart from your standard east food burger.

chicken shack

Sorry Shake Shack but I’ll keep buying your burgers. Right now you can only buy the Chicken Shack from the Brooklyn locations but If it’s successful enough the Chicken Shack will spread to all locations. I really like the DUMBO location. I like chilling in from of the water with a burger in my hand and the New york skyline in front of me.

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puerto rico meets nyc

I”m full of neat events for you guys to attend!. Next up is Puerto Rico Meets NYC, being held September 30- October October 4. Puerto Rico meets NYC will bring some of the best chefs from Puerto Rico and match them with host chefs in New York to introduce Puerto Rican cuisine to the states. Quite a few of the dinners are already sold out (dangit I wanted to meet chef Eric Ripert, he’s one of my fave Top Chef guest judges) so I’d suggest scooping a ticket now. Click here to purchase tickets. I’ll def be at the Block Party Brunch, you know brunch is my specialty. Bonus, every event is sponsored by Puerto Rican rums so the alcohol will be flowing.

Puerto Rico Meets NYC

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uma temakaria/uber eats

I used to cook a lot when I was in school. Meatloaf, lasagne, dozens of Pioneer Woman recipes, I was all about it. Then I moved to New York and it all changed. In NYC it’s way too easy to never use your kitchen. Everything can be delivered, Starbucks, McDonalds, toothpaste, wine, whatever you want can be delivered in under an hour. It’s beautiful. I use a few different services for food delivery and over the next week or two I’ll talk about them all, but today let’s talk about UberEats. Continue reading

new york coffee festival

The coffee culture in new York is strong. There are so many small, independent coffee shops that one need not go to a chain. I have to admit I’ve been slacking in that department. I really enjoy McDonald’s iced coffee. I’m not kidding, it’s good. Especially if you find a location that makes it just right. I’m looking at you Mcdonald’s on 3rd avenue. You are bae.

But there’s a festival coming into town that should expand my coffee palette by a lot: The New York Coffee Festival.

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I was roaming The High Line with a friend and we stopped to ask a guy where we could get cheap drinks like a $5 margarita in the area. He told us that we should go to Nebraska if we want cheap drinks in NYC. My first thought was “way to be a dick dude,” and my second thought was that he was wrong. I’ve been to quite a few happy hour spots all over the city that had reasonably priced drinks and I knew if I did a little research I could find my $5 margs. Let me introduce you to Blockheads.


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pop karma

The quickest little post about Pop Karma on the Lower East Side. It’s one of my better wandering around finds. I love, love, love popcorn and I’m sad my popcorn maker is still in Georgia (along with my NutriBullet and my Keurig, I mourn them often but I can’t retrieve them until I move).

Pop Karma

When you go to Pop Karma get the margarita popcorn. The combination of coconut and lime is crazy good. I should’ve gotten a bigger bag. I should stop in right now. Bye.

pop karma

Check out the full Pop Karma menu here. I’ll bet they will have some great seasonal flavors once fall/the holidays come.
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summer streets and a giveaway !

Yesterday I went to my first Summer Streets and had a great time. Summer Streets happens three Saturdays in August when the city shuts down the roads to cars from Brooklyn Bridge/City Hall all the way to Central Park 74th street. People can run, bike, roller blade, scooter, whatever without interference from cars. It’s pretty thrilling to be able to ride through tunnels and down the middle of the street without a car honking at you. Look at this guy skateboarding with his kid in a stroller.

summer streets

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