peace out summer (stuff and things)

Say it ain’t so…

  1. John Mayer is my favorite and he wrote this song about the end of summer. Release another album and come do a concert in NYC John. I’ve never seen John Mayer live because no one wants to go with me. I’ll see him alone if have to.
  2. Fall and Winter suck (ok maybe Fall sucks a little less), but I have a few things that get me through the pain.

fall clothing

  • LL Bean Boots. You need these. Wear them in the rain, wear them in winter with good, thick socks and you will feel no cold. And they’re already backordered until October so get on these quickly.
  • Quality weekend sweaters. These look similar to my Patagonia Better sweaters but I am in love with this deep purple color so, I’m ordering.
  • Comfy flannels. LL Bean does everything so well… And if you spend $50, you get a $10 gift card.
  • I’ve been debating getting a Barbour for a while but I found this Beadnell with a beautiful floral lining that I’m really into. The green is almost sold out but the blue isn’t even too. Look at this flannel and Barbour combo from Jess at Rose and Fig. Tha could be me this winter.

3. Bareburger makes a good sandwich and right now on Living Social you can pay $6 and get a $10 coupon or pay $14 and get a $26 coupon,

4. This video! I was incredibly moved. Honey Maid took a bunch of kids who live in Brooklyn camping and gave them their first s’mores.

5. A new Target store in Chicago plans to have a bar inside. Do you know how much time I would waste in my Tarjay if it had a bar.

6. These infused waters from Whole Foods are great and only $1.99. Yeah I could make them myself but, #lazy. 

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taste of williamsburg greenpoint 2015

A few pics from Taste of Williamsburg Greenpoint! I ate and drank so much thanks to a couple people giving me their extra tickets (woot woot). And aside from a 20 minute afternoon shower, the weather was beautiful. I meant to only go for a couple hours but I ended up staying the entire afternoon. Williamsburg/Greenpoint you are charming.

Taste of Williamsburg Greenpoint

Banana pudding and Caramelized white chocolate ice cream from Oddfellows.

Taste of Williamsburg Greenpoint

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the whitney

I’m continuing my jaunt around all the museums in New York. The new Whitney Museum has been open to the public since May and the exterior is gorgeous. Click here for an exterior photo. There are terraced balconies with great views of the city on every level and a few restaurants that have been added to my “to try” list.

The Whitney Museum

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Whenever I say I’ve “read” a book I feel like I’m cheating because most of the time I simply listened to the audiobook version. But man do those audiobooks come in handy when I have to do a combination of bus, ferry, subway everyday (apt. hunting and cannot wait to move).  If I had purchased the dozens of books I’ve read in the past year I’d of racked up a bill of a few hundred dollars. But I didn’t pay, I used Overdrive.

Overdrive is a FREE app that allows you to download audio and ebook versions of books from your local library. Simply download the app, create an Overdrive account, link your library card to your account, and pick a library system. In my case of course, I chose the New York Public Library System and the book selection is wide. They always have new releases. Right now I’m on hold for Mindy Kaling’s new book Why Not Me, which doesn’t come out until September 15th. I should’ve been quicker with my request though because there are 8 people ahead of me.

Overdrive Audiobooks

I just finished Modern Romance by Aziz Ansari which talks about how people dated “back in the day” compared to how we date now. Spoiler alert: we’re kind of a mess these days and have too many options when it comes to dating. The book was hilarious and incredibly smart. Aziz and his partner Eric Klingenberg did sociological studies and everything.

Another favorite was The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks. A non-fiction book about an African American woman who dies from cancer and has her cells removed without her consent or the consent of her family. The book follows the cells’ life (later called HELA cells) and how they are used in research for countless experiments, are used to cure diseases, and make a lot of people wealthy, except for the Lacks family who are kept in the dark about the situation for a very long time. There’s also some interesting medical legal stuff about what doctors can take from us without permission but I won’t bore you with the details 😀.

I also recently finished the new Harper Lee novel Go Set Watchman but I think I need a re-read before I can talk about anything in this book.


Do you have any book suggestions? I’ve gone through everything on my list!


*Nope, not a sponsored post by Overdrive. I just really enjoyed the product and I think other people will too.

taste of williamsburg greenpoint

Oh snap! I don’t write about Brooklyn restaurants that often but I’m going to an event next Sunday (September 13th) that will allow me to sample 50 Brooklyn restaurants, breweries, wineries, and bars in one afternoon. Taste of Williamsburg Greenpoint is in it’s 6th year and will be held at East River State Park. Proceeds from the ticket sales go towards the benefit Northside Town Hall and Community Center.

Meatball Shop - David Katz

Photo Credit- David Katz

There are three levels of tickets depending on how much food and drink you want to indulge in, and there will be local Brooklyn musicians playing throughout the day.

Check out the website for a full list of participants and click above to buy tickets. I hope to see you there!

Taste WG-18 - David Katz

Photo credit- David Katz

chicken shack, shake shack

My love, adoration, and obsession with Shake Shack has been extremely well documented on this blog. Shake Shack rarely disappoints me but the new chicken shack is not the best thing on the menu. It’s not that it’s a bad chicken sandwich nay, any fried chicken lover will be pleased. It’s just that there are better things offered. Have you tried the new Roadside Burger? It’s dynamite! The classic shack burger? It’s fire! The new chicken shack? It’s meh. I’m never going to crave it like I do the ‘shroom burger or even the new fried chicken sandwich from Fuku (I’ve been to Fuku four times since it opened by the way).Though the buttermilk mayo and the crispiness of the chicken sets it apart from your standard east food burger.

chicken shack

Sorry Shake Shack but I’ll keep buying your burgers. Right now you can only buy the Chicken Shack from the Brooklyn locations but If it’s successful enough the Chicken Shack will spread to all locations. I really like the DUMBO location. I like chilling in from of the water with a burger in my hand and the New york skyline in front of me.

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puerto rico meets nyc

I”m full of neat events for you guys to attend!. Next up is Puerto Rico Meets NYC, being held September 30- October October 4. Puerto Rico meets NYC will bring some of the best chefs from Puerto Rico and match them with host chefs in New York to introduce Puerto Rican cuisine to the states. Quite a few of the dinners are already sold out (dangit I wanted to meet chef Eric Ripert, he’s one of my fave Top Chef guest judges) so I’d suggest scooping a ticket now. Click here to purchase tickets. I’ll def be at the Block Party Brunch, you know brunch is my specialty. Bonus, every event is sponsored by Puerto Rican rums so the alcohol will be flowing.

Puerto Rico Meets NYC

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