bug juice, the disney channel

Did anyone watch Bug Juice on the Disney Channel in the 90’s? Every episode is on youtube and I fell down a rabbit hole watching the first season this weekend. I remember being jealous of the kids camp experiences and I thought they were all mature (LOL). It’s funny to re-watch the episodes now because the romantic entanglements are innocent and awkward and hilarious. Praise the Lord my middle school years aren’t memorialized on VHS. It was neat to see how the kids worked out their issues with one another and I loved how tuned into the camp experience they were. There was no Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter to distract them. And wow the boys counselor Rhett was attractive. Here’s part 1 of the first season if you want a trip down memory lane. Man the 90’s were so pure.

And some inquisitive (or stalkery) person tracked down most the kids and counselors from the first season and a where are they now video. Rhett has aged nicely and he’s a television producer.

The Disney channel used to rock. I wonder if I can track down my favorite Disney channel original movies. Smart House, Zenon, Brink anyone? But that’s a project for another day.

broadway bites

Broadway Bites is the same thing as Madison Square Eats but in a different location, (33rd Street and Broadway) which makes sense because it’s all run by the same organization; UrbanSpace.

Broadway BitesYou know the drill, it’s market in Greeley Square where a bunch of restaurants converge so we can all sample tons of food.

Pumpkin Spice lemonade- Mayhem and StoutThis is pumpkin spice lemonade from Mayhem and Stout. I’m sick of seeing pumpkin spice everything but this is a great product. It’s mild, and not sickeningly sweet like a pumpkin spice latte. Though like the pumpkin spice latte, I doubt there’s any actual pumpkin in the drink.

Check out the full Mayhem and Stout menu here.

Mayhem & Stout on Urbanspoon
Sigmund's Pretzel'sThe last thing I bought was a warm truffle cheddar pretzel from Sigmund’s. Side note: is truffle decadent anymore now that it’s added to everything? I fear it’s become so common that McDonald’s will start offering truffle fries at the drive thru. Nevertheless, the truffle is a nice touch. I wish I’d tried the Gruyere paprika pretzel too. I’ve also heard good things about the pretzel Benedict served at brunch. It’s been too long since I’ve made time for brunch.

Check out the full Sigmund’s menu here.

Sigmund Pretzel Shop on Urbanspoon


Broadway Bites runs until November 14 from 11 a.m. -9 p.m. I see some lobster mac and cheese from Red Hook Lobster Pound in my future.

Carla Hall’s Southern Kitchen

I just contributed to my first Kickstarter campaign!  Carla Hall, one of my favorite Top Chef’s because of her positive attitude, is attempting to bring a Nashville style hot chicken restaurant to NYC.
Carla Hall's Southern KitchenI contributed $10 which gets me one free whoopie pie a month for a year once the restaurant opens in early 2015. That sounds like a steal to me. Click here if you want to donate. Right now the Kickstarter has raised $77,000 but the goal is $250,000 and there are 13 days left to donate.

Frying chicken gif

P.S here are some other Kickstarters that I’m considering making donations to:



  • The Wedding Week, a children’s book by Chimaechi Allan. It’s about 7 weddings around the world and will be translated into 4 languages.


*For the record, Carla and Kickstarter have no idea who I am. I just think the products are neat.

la esquina

Sorry I can’t jump on the La Esquina bandwagon. Everything I ate was mediocre. I think sometimes when restaurants get super popular they stop trying because they know tourists will show up anyway. The salsa on both tacos had zero heat. The top is steak (which was salty) and the bottom was rotisserie chicken (which was dry). There is better Mexican food in the city. Go seek it out.

Tacos - La EsquinaOh yeah I had corn too. It was blah also.

Grilled Corn - La Esquina

Check out the full La Esquina menu here.

La Esquina on Urbanspoon

love begins at giveaway!


Love begins at logo

I got an email from a dating company called Love Begins At . They set up secret underground dinner events for single foodies over the age of 40 in the New York area. No, I’m not over 40 and no, I’m not in the market for a sugar daddy. They invited me to the next diner event on Tuesday October 21st to test the food, and I never turn down a free meal. Especially one that sounds as great as this:

  • Smoked Trout Guacamole blue corn chips, coconut, lemon
  • Jerked Pork Empanadas caramelized onion, marjoram, pumpkin
  • Grilled Sweet Shrimp apaya, mango, cucumber, jalapeño, pumpkin seeds
  • Hoisin Glazed Short Ribs jasmine rice, kaffir lime, cilantro, peanuts
  • Black Pepper and Plum Panna Cotta plum sauce, pickled plums, crème anglaise

Everyone says the New York City dating scene is rough. I guess that’s why so many have chosen to use Tinder, Match, whatever. But honestly this sounds like a lot more fun than Tinder, and a lot less awkward than speed dating.

The best part is Love Begins At offered to give away a free ticket to the October 21st underground dinner event to one reader. To enter, write in the comments below what is the worst pick up line someone has ever used on you.

  • You must enter by Friday October 17th
  • You must be single and 40 or older
  • You must live in the New York/New Jersey area because no one is paying for you to fly to NYC

I’ll pick a winner at random.  The worst pick up line I’ve ever received was” I knew you were from Georgia because you’re so dark.” Then he tried to give me advice about being a lawyer. Quit while you’re behind dude.

If you do not win a ticket to the event they only cost $40, and that’s a steal because these dinners usually cost $150. You can purchase a ticket here.

Love Begins AtAs for the location, the only thing I know is that the dinner will be held in the East Village. The exact location will be revealed later.


*Thanks Love Begins At for hosting this giveaway!


If you walk into BurgerFi and think “hey this looks familiar” you aren’t crazy because BurgerFi is nearly an exact copy of my beloved Shake Shack. They serve concretes and burgers that taste identical to Shake Shack’s burgers with a special sauce (shack sauce).

BurgerFi Facade

Pic via Yelp

I ordered the Breakfast All Day Burger. It’s a burger topped with a fried egg, hash browns , onions, cheese bacon, ketchup and maple syrup. It was a mess to eat, but a delicious mess. The hash browns and onions tasted like the kind at Waffle House (which is a good thing). There’s no Waffle House in New York and I crave it.

Breakfast All Day Burger - BurgerFi

It’s hard to dislike BurgerFi since it resembles my favorite burger place in nearly every aspect. But it’s located on the Upper East Side and I almost never go to the Upper East Side because there’s nothing to do unless I want to go to a museum or The Great Lawn. That being said, I’d pop in again if I’m in the area.

BurgerFi on Urbanspoon

cookies and creme cookie butter

I used to think there could be no better condiment than the original cookie butter. I have enjoyed  many jars of the speculoos spread but now it’s time to put it aside because there is a new cookie butter in town, and it is better.

cookies and creme cookie butterIt tastes like a mild, creamy version of Oreos. I especially like the white creme part which tastes like frosting. I wish I had some Oreos so I could do a taste comparison or put some cookie butter on top of and Oreo ( so meta). So far I’ve been eating the cookie butter with honey wheat pretzel sticks, maybe I’ll try toast next. Hurry to your store to get a jar. I’ve already seen jars on ebay going for $13+ ( regular price is $3.69).

Trader Joe's cookies and cream cookie butterI may start a weekly Trader Joe’s feature because I love that place, and it takes all my money.


*For the record, Trader Joe’s has no idea who I am. I just think the product is neat.

do something nice day

Sunday was Do Something Nice Day. A new holiday? I have no idea, but to celebrate Dominique Ansel Bakery teamed up with Baileys to create a limited edition cookie shot. This was the best waiting in line experience I have ever had. They set up chairs so we didn’t have to stand, and waiters came by every few minutes and handed us treats.

Love BaileysSmoked salmon topped with caviar, hot chocolate, madeleines and look at the hot waiter handing out roses.

Do something nice dayAfter all that we were led to the back of the restaurant to try the limited edition Dark Chocolate Cherry cookie shots. They were made out of dark chocolate cookies lined with a cherry glaze to keep the cookie from getting soggy. Normally the cookie shots are filled with milk but that day they were filled with the new Baileys Chocolate Cherry Irish Cream liquor.

Baileys Dark Chocolate Cherry Cookie Shot

It was an excellent switch up and maybe something the bakery should consider do regularly. When we were in line everyone was talkative, but there was complete silence as everyone ate (and drank) their cookie shot.

cookie shot 2


And look, I met Dominique Ansel.

Dominique Ansel