pressed juicery

There has to be a juice place or two (or let’s be real there could even three) on every street in NYC. The newest is west coast transplant Pressed Juicery in Soho. It’s quite a quaint, bright little shop, and they’ll let you sample absolutely every juice before you make a purchase. I sampled more than few juices before I settled on this holiday flavor–Spiced Almond.

  • almond
  • cardamom
  • cinnamon
  • dates
  • nutmeg
  • sea salt
  • vanilla bean

So damn good! Also the drinks at Pressed Juicery are a lot cheaper than at most juice places in the city. $6.50 versus the $10+ at other places.

pressed juicery Check out all Pressed Juicery drinks here. They’re slated to open up a bunch of more shops all over the city. Check out the website for more details. And I don’t know, if you’re lucky you may run into Jonah Hill…

*Pressed Juicery hooked me up with free juice but all opinions are my own. I’ve been back several times since and purchased more with my own cash money. Citrus 2, and Strawberry-Apple- Lime are some other good ones to try. And Pressed Juicery if you wanna throw more juice my way I wouldn’t say no…

napa valley somms & sliders

I’m really starting to enjoy going to wine tastings.  I used to be completely clueless about wine but now I’d say I’m only half clueless. Ha! Anyway I went to Napa Valley Wines Somms & Sliders and ate all the burgers, and drank all the wine.


Napa Valley Wines chose 18 New York sommeliers to pair wines from the Napa Valley region with New York burgers. And from November 9-23rd you can try all the parings too. See the full list of participating restaurants below.

My favorite wines were the Old Vine Zinfandel from Girard Winery and the Cabernet Sauvignon from Faust Winery.

somms and slidersSomms and Sliders








The absolute best burger at the event was the Emmy Burger from Emily restaurant in Clinton Hill. This picture is crap but it’s the best I could do with the lighting. I don’t know what that sauce is but I think the Emmy Burger is my new favorite burger of all time.

emmy burger

Go check out some burgers and wine pairings and report back to me please!

somms and sliders


greenwich street tavern

Greenwich Street Tavern comes across as a sportish type bar. I’m sure at nighttime and during a big game it’s a rowdy place but during the daytime it’s quite a mellow brunch spot in Tribeca.

The brunch choices are pretty standard but the portion sizes are huge and the plating is incredibly pretty. Have you seen a prettier lobster benedict? I think not. And did you notice how big the chunks of lobster are? No skimping, no tiny shredded pieces, I like it.

I wish I had had room for the butterscotch pancakes and the brunch burger too but there definitely wasn’t any room in my stomach. I hope to breeze through Tribeca again for another visit soon.

Greenwich Street Tavern Check out the full Greenwich Street Tavern menu here.

*GST gave me a complimentary meal but all opinions are my own, and I would go back to GST anytime.

Greenwich Street Tavern Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

uncle sam’s

A quick little post about milkshakes. Uncle Sam’s, a Asian burger place (let that settle) in Midtown makes good ones. I drank this coconut-banana shake and pretended I was in a tropical place. If there had been some rum it would’ve been perfect.

Uncle sam's burgers

P.S. the architecture and design of the restaurant is pretty neat too.

Uncle sam's burgers

Check out the full Uncle Sam’s menu here

kate spade x magnolia bakery

Kate Spade always does great novelty products, especially with the accessories. And I’m really digging they’re new collaboration with Magnolia Bakery. I talked about the pudding here

kate spade magnolia bakery

Banana pudding purse! Also here.

kate spade magnolia bakery

Slice of cake. Also here.

kate spade magnolia bakery

The cutest cupcake earrings. Also here.


Poke around the Kate Spade website. There are quite a few other Magnolia Bakery items. Happy shopping!


There are all these new restaurants popping up in New York that serve healthy/vegan/vegetarian food that supposedly tastes good. BY Chloe, Superiority Burger, and Dimes are just a few. I am HIGHLY skeptical and so, so, so hesitant but I did drop into Dimes and I was very pleased with my first acai bowl.

Just to be clear though, acai bowls are just smoothies, but in a bowl right? Don’t get me wrong I love a smoothie, but damn let’s not pretend we’ve created something new here.

I ordered the Strawberry Pitaya Bowl which is topped with bananas strawberries, and bee pollen. I’ve never eaten straight up bee pollen before but it gets a thumbs up. Next time I want to get the Lavender Acai bowl.

Dimes is super affordable. The bowls are between 8 and 10 dollars, and they have a bomb breakfast sandwich for only $6.So, go be healthy and check out the full Dimes menu here.

Dimes Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

new york coffee festival favorites

If I were being honest I’d say a lot of the excitement of the New York Coffee Festival was lost on me. I don’t care where the beans are grown or how long they’re roasted. I’m completely happy to buy a macchiato from Starbucks or an iced coffee from Dunkin Donuts and be satisfied. However I did try a couple of dynamite things.

La Colombe draft latteFirst, draft lattes from La Colombe. It’s served on tap and creates a nice foam on top. It’s available in La Colombe stores in New York and Philadelphia.

La colombe draft latte

Second, Magnum Cream Liqueur. Move over Bailey’s. This mixture of whiskey and toffee was heavenly.

Magnum Cream Liqueur

Last, this latte art from Blue Stone Lane was pretty neat. I didn’t find anyone to make me Harry Potter themed latte art though.

Blue Stone Lane Coffee

i moved to brooklyn!

I packed up all my stuff up and moved to the beautiful city of Brooklyn, New York. No more ferry rides for me! So please excuse the lack of posts while I make 1000 trips to Tarjay. I should be back next week.

peace out summer (stuff and things)

Say it ain’t so…

  1. John Mayer is my favorite and he wrote this song about the end of summer. Release another album and come do a concert in NYC John. I’ve never seen John Mayer live because no one wants to go with me. I’ll see him alone if have to.
  2. Fall and Winter suck (ok maybe Fall sucks a little less), but I have a few things that get me through the pain.

fall clothing

  • LL Bean Boots. You need these. Wear them in the rain, wear them in winter with good, thick socks and you will feel no cold. And they’re already backordered until October so get on these quickly.
  • Quality weekend sweaters. These look similar to my Patagonia Better sweaters but I am in love with this deep purple color so, I’m ordering.
  • Comfy flannels. LL Bean does everything so well… And if you spend $50, you get a $10 gift card.
  • I’ve been debating getting a Barbour for a while but I found this Beadnell with a beautiful floral lining that I’m really into. The green is almost sold out but the blue isn’t even too. Look at this flannel and Barbour combo from Jess at Rose and Fig. Tha could be me this winter.

3. Bareburger makes a good sandwich and right now on Living Social you can pay $6 and get a $10 coupon or pay $14 and get a $26 coupon,

4. This video! I was incredibly moved. Honey Maid took a bunch of kids who live in Brooklyn camping and gave them their first s’mores.

5. A new Target store in Chicago plans to have a bar inside. Do you know how much time I would waste in my Tarjay if it had a bar.

6. These infused waters from Whole Foods are great and only $1.99. Yeah I could make them myself but, #lazy. 

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