73 questions with daniel radcliffe

I’m still trying to catch up on pop culture, movies, basically everything since taking the bar. I recently looked at the iTunes top ten list and I only recognized one song. 73 questions with Daniel Radcliffe was posted a month ago and it made me laugh hard after a pretty rough day–especially the last question.

P.S. 73 Questions with Anna Wintour is good too.


chobani soho

For a long time I was hesitant to visit the Chobani store because I assumed that anything sold in the  shop could be purchased in a grocery store (and without a markup). However, the Chobani store sells both sweet and savory yogurt creations that I couldn’t have put together on my own.

Chobani Soho Annnndddddd of course they were handing out samples. This is the seasonal fall yogurt. It’s made with cranberries, gingersnap cookies, toasted pecans, and, the ingredient that is now mandatory for every fall dish, pumpkin butter. It was excellent and definitely something I’d be too lazy to buy all the ingredients for and create at home. Next time I’d like to try a savory flavor; perhaps the mango and avocado. I read on another blog, that the yogurt is served in a Chobani glass that you can either keep, or recycle and receive a coupon towards your next visit. How neat is that?

Check out the full Chobani Soho menu here.

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people’s pops

All last week it was 90 degrees and humid in New York City. That is why all my most recent posts have been about ice cream. As a side note, I’ve been paying attention to the NYFW coverage and I do not understand why so many show attendees are decked out in sweaters, leather pants, and other fall apparel. They must must be swampy with sweat and that is not a good look for fashion week.

Cantaloupe-Cucumber/People's PopsSpeaking of fashion week, it’s a very exciting time in the city. There are lots of celebrities in town and stores, fashion houses, and magazines see fashion week as a way to promote their business by giving away free makeovers, blowouts, manicures and flash tattoos (you can be just like Queen Bey). But you know I’m all about the food. And what do you know, on a trip to Soho I saw that the Birchbox store was giving away People’s Pops. On my NYC food list and free? Score!

Cantaloupe-Cucumber/People's PopsThis is a cantaloupe-cucumber popsicle. It was light, not very sweet, and had pieces of cucumber mixed in. It was perfect for the 90 degree weather. The menu changes pretty often so I wouldn’t walk in expecting a certain flavor. You can find People’s Pops everywhere.

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momofuku milk bar

Summer isn’t over, and I’m still eating eating ALL the ice cream.  The first thing you need to know about the midtown Momofuku Milk Bar location is that it’s very nondescript. I walked past the storefront several times wondering if it had closed. I assure you it’s there; but you might look like you’re casing the area in an attempt to find the Milk Bar.

Momofuku cereal milk/blueberry cream ice cream Momofuku Milk Bar is known for it’s cereal milk drink and soft serve, which is meant to taste like the milk that is left in the bowl after you have eaten all your cereal. It’s such a simple, but genius idea. And the cereal milk flavor, of course it’s spot on. The purple swirl is  blueberry and cream soft serve, and the crunchies on top are sweet cornflake pieces. Momofuku changes it’s menu every four months so I expect to pop in every few months to see what’s new.

Check out the full Momofuku Milk Bar menu here.

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mckenzie’s black cherry cider

I have stated many, many, times that I do not like or drink beer, but hard cider is a-ok. I discovered McKenzie’s Black Cherry Hard Cider at The Meatball Shop and now I want to fill my fridge with it. It tastes like Boylan’s black cherry soda with apple undertones (and a buzz). There’s a strong cherry scent when you pour it into a glass too. I’m going to assume that regular beer drinkers wouldn’t enjoy this because it’s too sweet but for regular cider drinkers who are looking for a change, this is a winner!

McKenzie's Black Cherry Cider

ample hills creamery

I find the upper east and west side pretty meh unless you want to go to a museum or visit Central Park. But Brooklyn! Brooklyn is full of life, and music, and good smells coming out of restaurants, and diverse people hanging out of open air bars. Brooklyn needs to be my next move. I quite enjoy roaming the city and checking places off of my New York restaurant bucket list. Despite all the eating I do, I’ve lost 14 pounds since May, (my not so humble brag) and I attribute a small part of it to ditching my car at the beginning of the summer and walking everywhere.

Snap, Mallow, Pop / Ample HillsNails: Essie, Warm and Toasty Turtleneck

Ample Hills Creamery is my favorite New York ice cream spot (that I’ve tried so far).  I love fun, unique ice flavors and Ample Hills creates new ones often. On this visit I had a scoop of Snap Mallow Pop ice cream. It’s a deconstructed homemade rice crispy treat. The ice cream is supposed to taste like marshmallow but it doesn’t; it just tasted like a nice vanilla. But the rice crispy nuggets are what makes the ice cream great. They tasted as though they had been soaked in butter. That’s the best way folks. I emphasize the homemade aspect because I’ve always felt the homemade rice crispy treats tasted more special than the store bought  kind. Next time I want to try the Salted Caramel Crack ice cream.

Check out the Ample Hills Facebook page for a daily menu.

And happy Labor Day!

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lee radziwill’s twitter

Lee Radziwill (sister to Jackie Kennedy) runs a hilarious twitter account. She’s always dropping bombs like this:

     And this:

    But she says them in such a dignified way that you can’t even be angry with her. Please let me be half as sassy when I’m 81. I suggest you follow.

hammock grove, governors island

If you want to go to Governors Island walk all the way down to Pier 6. The ferry from Pier 6 costs $2, but the East River Ferry located on Pier 2 costs $6.

There’s lots of interesting stuff happening on Governors Island (like the sculpture below, it’s made of plastic cups), The Jazz Age Lawn Party, and acres of grass to play on.

Cup Sculpture/Governor's IslandBut I went to Governors Island for one reason: Hammock Grove, a field full of bright red hammocks for anyone to lounge on. Due to the relaxing nature of the hammocks, people stay on them forever so you have to keep you eyes peeled and be ready to pounce the moment it looks like someone is about to leave. And I cannot tell I lie, the moment a hammock was free I lounged for several hours. I’m not even sorry.

Hammock GroveYou have until September 28th to enjoy the Hammocks. Then the island is closed for the year.