All the macarons I’ve ever tried have tasted the same, quality wise I mean. This place or that place might have more interesting flavor combinations (Macaron Parlor has a cheeto flavored macaron) but in general they’re all soft/springy pillows of goodness.

ladureeI believe the most well known name (both here and in France) is Laduree. It’s a beautifully decorated shop. I forgot to take pictures but you know how to use Google. The thing that stood out to me about Laduree is that all the workers were French. Or maybe they’re all actors, what the hell do I know. But when the counter girl called me Mademoiselle in a French accent it sounded authentic to me.

Laduree macaron So I guess what I’m saying is, you can buy macarons from anywhere in the city and they’re going to taste good. But if you want to sorta, kinda pretend you are in France, or if you’re a fan of Gossip Girl check out Laduree. There’s a location in Soho and the Upper East Side.

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mansur gavriel finally!

After this purchase I now own a total of three bags so it’s safe to say I am not a purse girl but I heard about Mansur Gavriel bags a year ago and I have wanted one ever since.

Mansur Gavriel saffiano mini bucketAnd now a black, flamma interior saffiano mini bucket is mine! I chose the saffiano leather because  I walk everywhere, and get caught in the rain often, and I do not want to worry about protecting a raw leather bag.

Mansur Gavriel Look at all the junk it can hold. Even my Swell bottle fits.

mansur gavriel Yes, I use Baggu pouches for everything.

BagguYou can buy a Mansur Gavriel from Barney’s, Net-A Porter, Editorialist, Moda Operandi, Matches, Bergdorf Goodman the Mansur Gavriel website, and a few other small boutiques but they sell out almost immediately so you have to watch the websites like a hawk. Or subscribe to the MG thread on Purseblog. Those ladies are always up on the latest MG news.

Personally I used an app called PS Dept. to order my bag. It’s like having a personal shopper but not just for one store. Shout out to Kat G. from PS Dept. who found my bag! I paid $20 more than retail but it was worth it not to deal with the fiasco of ordering from the MG website last week. Seriously you should read the comments on MG’s instagram. People were extremely pissed.

I need a new work bag and the MG totes are looking awfully useful right now but it bothers me that they do not zip. Maybe I should hold out a few months to see if they introduce a zipped tote version.


* For the record, Mansur Gavriel and PSdept. have no idea who I am. I just think the products are neat.


taqueria diana

I believe it was Blizzard 2015 part 20 when I trudged into Taqueria Diana for the best nachos I’ve ever had. I paid $11 for this massive tray that served as my lunch and dinner the next day.  The nachos are the perfect compilation of chips (that are fried fresh for every order), beans (black, pinto, or refried) cheese, jalapeños, rotisserie chicken (you can do carnitas, al pastor, or carne asada too) and a ridiculously good red salsa. Sadly, sour cream and guacamole are extra. The space is small and narrow as hell so don’t bring a large group. I don’t know how late Taqueria Diana is open but this place would make for excellent late night drunk food. They have a good soundtrack playing. Just saying.

Taqueria Diana NachosLooking at this picture makes me want to go back tomorrow…Check out the full Taqueria Diana menu here.

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juliana’s pizza

The thing that is nice about living in New York is that people often want to visit. I doubt if I lived in Minnesota I’d have people lined up see me. No offense to Minnesotans of course.

A few weeks ago one of my college friends made a spur of the moment weekend trip to New York and we went to Juliana’s in DUMBO and road Jane’s Carousel like we were children. Fun times.

Juliana’s Pizza has a pretty interesting history. It was opened in 2011 by Patsy Grimaldi (of Grimaldi’s Pizza fame) after he sold Grimaldi’s and didn’t approve of what had been done to his empire. When you get to DUMBO walk past the long ass line of tourists at Grimaldi’s and glide smoothly into Juliana’s  where you’ll be seated immediately. Well, on snowy Saturday my group was seated easily. I can’t vouch for the wait times on non snowy days.

Juliana's pizzaAnd the pie? The crust was thin, chewy, and perfectly charred and there was a subtle sweetness to the sauce. I just wish there had been a little bit more cheese but I suppose that’s not the way traditional margherita pizza is done.

Juliana's PizzaI don’t know if Juliana’s is better than Grimaldi’s but I’m not dying to wait on line and find out. Just know that Juliana’s is good and you can save yourself a lot of time and hassle by stopping in.

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I met the pioneer woman

Also there’s a new tab in the header called NYC Favorites which features my favorite pizza, ice cream, whatever in the city. It’s not finished since I’ve only been here a short time but right now the best of the best are up.

egg, williamsburg

Finally a brunch post. I love me some Williamsburg and this weekend I hit up the Baggu sample sale (I got a sweet pouch that fits my digital camera) and I went to Egg for brunch. Egg is large and bright and they put paper and crayons on the tables so you can draw. Check out my art below.

Egg WilliamsburgThe food at Egg is simple and reasonably priced. My cheddar omelet with broiled tomatoes and crunchy hash browns only cost $11. I especially liked the broiled tomatoes which had a vinegar hit to them.

Egg WilliamsburgCheese, egg, potato, tomato. The perfect bite of everything. Bonus, most of the food served in the restaurant comes from Egg’s farm in Oak Hill, New York.

Egg Williamsburg

Check out the full Egg menu here.

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pret a manger

Pret A Manger is known here and across the pond for serving great cold sandwiches and salads but now Pret A Manger serves hot food too. And they sent me a gift card so I could try all the new stuff. But before I talk about the food you should know that all the food at Pret A Manger is made fresh daily, and the leftovers are given to those in need. You never have to worry about eating a sandwich that has been sitting around for days. Also, all the food is fresh, natural, and made without preservatives, or artificial, flavors, colors, sweeteners or ingredients.

Prêt a manger

Clockwise from the top left: Crispy Bacon Mac and Cheese, Korean BBQ Pulled Pork Hot Pot, and BBQ Pulled Pork Wrap. Wow I ate a lot pork. I assure you there are plenty of new hot vegetarian dishes on the menu, I’m just not about that life. Though the Sweet Potato Curry Hot Pot sounds interesting.

Pret A Manger new hot foodMy favorite of the three dishes was the pulled pork wrap which was filled with cheddar and onions. The bacon mac and cheese was extra creamy and was made with a mix of cheddar and parmesan cheese. There was also hidden cauliflower in the mac and cheese. Nice touch Pret. The Korean pork hot pot was not my favorite. There were too many overpowering spices.


Check out the full Pret A Manger menu here.


*Pret A Manger sent me a gift card but opinions are my own.

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s’well bottle

Right now I’m sipping on some passion tea that I made a few hours ago and it’s still hot. That’s because I finally invested in a S’well. The bottles keep your drinks hot for 12 hours and cold for 24 hours but the outside of the bottles stay cool to the touch and no condensation forms on the outside. It’s perfect for city dwellers; no more arriving to a destination with a lukewarm drink.

The inner bottle is made of metal but there’s no weird metallic aftertaste in any of my drinks. The cap twists air tight so there isn’t any leakage. Annnddd S’well supports several water charities around the world.

S'well Bottle I know I’m going to buy another. The 25 ounce bottle can hold an entire bottle of wine. I can see myself laying around The Great Lawn this summer with one S’well filled with water and the other filled with wine. Cheers!

You can get one from Nordstrom, The Container StoreShopbop, East DaneAnthropologie, SaksUrban Outfitters (love the purple), Athleta and tiny 9 ounce bottles from J Crew.

*S’well has no idea who I am. I just think the product is neat.


Welcome to March folks, enjoy the endless amounts of snow! But as you by now know, the cure for endless snow is ramen and Mokbar is my new favorite spot. That’s right it beats even Totto Ramen. Mokbar is located in Chelsea Market which has a treasure trove of culinary delights. Buddakan and Lobster Place I’m coming for you next. Back to Mokbar– it is just that, a kitchen with a bar for seating so you can watch the chefs do work. There are a couple tables at the back but that’s it so if you have a large group this isn’t the place for you. I ordered the classic ramen which was made with a pork broth instead of a chicken broth like many of the other places I’ve visited. But oh how rich and substantial the broth was, helped along by the seasonal vegetable mix of bean sprouts, pickled mushroom, and some green stuff I cannot identify (I know I am the worst food blogger ever). The broth also had a subtle spicy finish. You hardly notice it, but it’s there.  Also different was shredded pork instead of sliced pork and it was most tender. I will return to Mokbar again and again, 1000 times. In the summer they serve cold ramen. I am intrigued.

Mokbar ramen Stay warm and check out the full Mokbar menu here.

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