friends of hudson river park’s spring fling

Spring is here and to celebrate Brookfield Place and The Friends of Hudson River Park are holding a Spring Fling. I love Brookfield Place and I spent many Saturdays there while I was studying for the bar because there are so many good restaurants in the cafeteria. I wrote about it here.

hudson river park spring flingThe Spring Fling is being held in the Winter Garden and the ticket proceeds go towards the upkeep of the beautiful riverfront area. There are supposed to be lots of celebrities in attendance including Janelle Monae  who is performing!

JanelleMonae_PUB2_credit_Marc_Baptiste1Food will be provided by Brookfield Place newcomer, Le District, and there will be an open bar sponsored by Patrón Tequila (holla!).

Ticket information can be found here. I hope to see you there!

lilly for target

What a crazy experience. I arrived at my Tarjay at 8:20 A.M. and saw this:

Lilly for TargetCompletely cleared racks! So I headed to the dressing room to wait for cast offs and that’s where I scored.

Lilly for Target The Upstream Shift Dress. I was surprised by the quality of the fabric. It was super thick quilted stuff.

Lilly for TargetUpstream Pompom shorts. These are my fave. Though they’re kinda thin.

Lilly for TargetMy Fans beach towel.

I wish I could’ve scored some head wraps and the flask but I got a lot more than others. The people who bought just to resell on ebay are gross and the uproar on Twitter/Instagram is hilarious and sad. Keep checking the website and stores ladies. People only have 10 days to return things and a lot of people bought items without trying things on so there are bound to be some pop backs.

a cronut adventure

Your girl finally got to try a Cronut, and getting one was surprisingly easier than I thought it was going to be. I guess the hype has died down from last summer. Here are my thoughts about the experience.


6:45 A.M.- I arrived at the Dominique Ansel bakery and there was no  one outside. I was so confused. Every blog post I’ve read about getting cronuts said you need to be there before seven to ensure cronut ecstasy but on a weekday (Tuesday) it’s not true.

7:12 A.M.-  There are only 8 people in line including me.

7:29 A.M.- 14 people in line. Where are the hoards of people snaking through the sidewalk?

7:36 A.M. – It begins to rain and a Dominique Ansel worker passes out bright orange umbrellas, nice!

7:39 A.M.- A Dominique Ansel worker passes out madeline’s.

7:43 A.M.- I looked at the people in line and suspect a few of them might be cronut scalpers. Yes, it’s a thing.

7:53 A.M. – This is how long the line is. Not long at all! I started to regret waking up early.

cronut line8:00 A.M.- Release the cronuts! At 8 o’ clock they let ten people at a time into the bakery to buy up to two cronuts. If you want more you have to go outside to the back of the line.

CronutFirst thoughts: The cronut was heavy. Much heavier than a standard donut. The laminated dough is fried in grape seed oil, rolled in sugar, filled with ganache, and glazed. It’s supposed to be a donut- croissant hybrid by it tasted like a regular donut to me. This month’s flavor is strawberry rhubarb with thyme ganache and citrus sugar. The thyme ganache made it taste especially interesting. That said, I’m glad I only bought one. It’s too rich and sugary to eat more than that.

Strawberry rhubarb cronut8:13 A.M.- When I left the store there were plenty of cronuts left and only about 12 left in line. I would guess that on a weekday, a person could walk into the bakery at 9 o’ clock and still find cronuts for sale. Keep in mind that on the weekend that’s probably not the case and tourists are about to descend with the coming summer.

Would I do it again? Um no. The cronut is good, but I’ve had a DKA, a cookie shot, and a frozen s’more and I like all of those better than the cronut. I’ll leave the lines for the tourists.

hey spring hey (stuff and things)

1. Guys, we made it. Spring is here and New York is beautiful in the springtime. Here’s some stuff and some things.

hello april

2. Did you see, we’re getting a new set of emojis. Black people emojis finally!

3. I really want a Crazy Creek chair for spring/summer Central Park lounging.

4. There’s an Instagram account called Girls at Chipotle, of course.

5. Lego, female, Supreme Court Justices that unfortunately are not available for purchase.

lego supreme court justice

6.  I was fascinated by these pictures of women of color in the Victorian Age. Most of the time when you see pictures of people of color during this time they are of farmers or maids so it was nice to see a different side. More pics here.

victorian age black people

7. Did anyone else watch Roswell in the late 90s? I loooovvvvvveeeeddd this show in my youth (#LizandMax4eva). I discovered it on Amazon Prime this weekend and burned through 1 and half seasons. I love seeing what passed for fashion back then, and listening to music from the late 90’s and early 2000s. After digging around on the internets I found out there was a Roswell Reunion panel at the Austin Television festival last summer. I was studying for the bar and had no idea. Jason Behr (Alien Max) is 40 years old and is still fine as hell. Please make a reunion movie, please.

When I’m finished with Roswell I’m going to start Buffy the Vampire Slayer. I love the 90s.

8. Not that I’m in the market after getting my Mansur Gavriel, but Racked wrote a good piece about how to identify fake designer bags.  In case you want to ebay it, or buy from a consignment shop.

9. I just signed up for HBO Now! The new season of Game of Thrones starts on Sunday and I am so hype right now. Take all my money HBO, all of it.

10. Rice crispy treat art, so neat!

rainy day @ramenjunkie #ramen situation @gwmarket! #misterkrisp 🍥🍜

A photo posted by misterkrisp (@mister_krisp) on


11. I want all the scalloped, striped, and shiny things for spring. Scallop tee dress, Saint James tee, Rose gold tevas! Saint James dress.

Stripes and such

city kitchen

I hate to ruin the image outsiders have of NYC but Times Square sucks. Actually I don’t hate to ruin it because YOU NEED TO KNOW. There is nothing to do except get  molested by cartoon characters and shop at stores that you could find in Anytown, USA. The food situation is even worse. If you visit New York City and decide Applebee’s,  Red lobster, or McDonald’s is your restaurant of choice you will have wasted a trip to NYC. Not gonna lie though, I actually like Red Lobster but I have’t been in several years. And now I’m craving cheddar bay biscuits…

City Kitchen Anyway, the Times Square/Midtown area has now been saved because about a month ago a new dining hall called City Kitchen opened on 44th Street and there are so many good restaurants inside. My favorite donut place, Dough, Luke’s Lobster, and Sigmund’s Pretzels just to name a few. I’ve stopped in a few times and heres a pro tip: if you’re trying to get donuts, go early because but 6/7 o’ clock a lot of the interesting flavors are sold out.

Kuro Obi ramen This is probably my last bowl of ramen until the fall as we are quickly approaching warm weather and lobster roll season (60 degrees today!!!). This bowl is from Kuro Obi and it was the most chicken-soupy of all the bowls of ramen I had this winter.Though I felt like for $13 I got a very small portion of noodles, meat and broth.

Illi Box friesThese are Phoenician fries from Illi Box. They’re covered in sumac salt and served with garlic aleppo mayo. You must try them!

Times Square isn’t all bad. Sometimes on my way home late at night I like to pass through Times Square and marvel at the spectacle of it all. There are no crowds and an empty Times Square is kinda nice.


All the macarons I’ve ever tried have tasted the same, quality wise I mean. This place or that place might have more interesting flavor combinations (Macaron Parlor has a cheeto flavored macaron) but in general they’re all soft/springy pillows of goodness.

ladureeI believe the most well known name (both here and in France) is Laduree. It’s a beautifully decorated shop. I forgot to take pictures but you know how to use Google. The thing that stood out to me about Laduree is that all the workers were French. Or maybe they’re all actors, what the hell do I know. But when the counter girl called me Mademoiselle in a French accent it sounded authentic to me.

Laduree macaron So I guess what I’m saying is, you can buy macarons from anywhere in the city and they’re going to taste good. But if you want to sorta, kinda pretend you are in France, or if you’re a fan of Gossip Girl check out Laduree. There’s a location in Soho and the Upper East Side.

Ladurée on Urbanspoon

mansur gavriel finally!

After this purchase I now own a total of three bags so it’s safe to say I am not a purse girl but I heard about Mansur Gavriel bags a year ago and I have wanted one ever since.

Mansur Gavriel saffiano mini bucketAnd now a black, flamma interior saffiano mini bucket is mine! I chose the saffiano leather because  I walk everywhere, and get caught in the rain often, and I do not want to worry about protecting a raw leather bag.

Mansur Gavriel Look at all the junk it can hold. Even my Swell bottle fits.

mansur gavriel Yes, I use Baggu pouches for everything.

BagguYou can buy a Mansur Gavriel from Barney’s, Net-A Porter, Editorialist, Moda Operandi, Matches, Bergdorf Goodman the Mansur Gavriel website, and a few other small boutiques but they sell out almost immediately so you have to watch the websites like a hawk. Or subscribe to the MG thread on Purseblog. Those ladies are always up on the latest MG news.

Personally I used an app called PS Dept. to order my bag. It’s like having a personal shopper but not just for one store. Shout out to Kat G. from PS Dept. who found my bag! I paid $20 more than retail but it was worth it not to deal with the fiasco of ordering from the MG website last week. Seriously you should read the comments on MG’s instagram. People were extremely pissed.

I need a new work bag and the MG totes are looking awfully useful right now but it bothers me that they do not zip. Maybe I should hold out a few months to see if they introduce a zipped tote version.


* For the record, Mansur Gavriel and PSdept. have no idea who I am. I just think the products are neat.


taqueria diana

I believe it was Blizzard 2015 part 20 when I trudged into Taqueria Diana for the best nachos I’ve ever had. I paid $11 for this massive tray that served as my lunch and dinner the next day.  The nachos are the perfect compilation of chips (that are fried fresh for every order), beans (black, pinto, or refried) cheese, jalapeños, rotisserie chicken (you can do carnitas, al pastor, or carne asada too) and a ridiculously good red salsa. Sadly, sour cream and guacamole are extra. The space is small and narrow as hell so don’t bring a large group. I don’t know how late Taqueria Diana is open but this place would make for excellent late night drunk food. They have a good soundtrack playing. Just saying.

Taqueria Diana NachosLooking at this picture makes me want to go back tomorrow…Check out the full Taqueria Diana menu here.

Taqueria Diana on Urbanspoon

juliana’s pizza

The thing that is nice about living in New York is that people often want to visit. I doubt if I lived in Minnesota I’d have people lined up see me. No offense to Minnesotans of course.

A few weeks ago one of my college friends made a spur of the moment weekend trip to New York and we went to Juliana’s in DUMBO and road Jane’s Carousel like we were children. Fun times.

Juliana’s Pizza has a pretty interesting history. It was opened in 2011 by Patsy Grimaldi (of Grimaldi’s Pizza fame) after he sold Grimaldi’s and didn’t approve of what had been done to his empire. When you get to DUMBO walk past the long ass line of tourists at Grimaldi’s and glide smoothly into Juliana’s  where you’ll be seated immediately. Well, on snowy Saturday my group was seated easily. I can’t vouch for the wait times on non snowy days.

Juliana's pizzaAnd the pie? The crust was thin, chewy, and perfectly charred and there was a subtle sweetness to the sauce. I just wish there had been a little bit more cheese but I suppose that’s not the way traditional margherita pizza is done.

Juliana's PizzaI don’t know if Juliana’s is better than Grimaldi’s but I’m not dying to wait on line and find out. Just know that Juliana’s is good and you can save yourself a lot of time and hassle by stopping in.

Juliana's Pizza on Urbanspoon

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