the eagle

I’ve been to The Eagle 3 or 4 times since it opened but I haven’t been able to get good pictures so I’m giving up and finally writing this post.

The eagle 1See, so dark, so crappy.

The Eagle 2 Well this one is a bit better, but I think I’m going to start hauling my nice camera everywhere I go.  That’s the only way you get better right?

Anyway, the first thing you need to know about The Eagle is that it is very affordable. At most of the restaurants downtown and in Over the Rhine you can’t leave without spending upwards of $60 per person. But at The Eagle you can spend $20 or less per person and feel more than satisfied.

The fried chicken at The Eagle is pressure cooked and breading on the fried chicken isn’t as thick as traditional southern fried chicken but it’s every bit as good. Top it with the spicy honey sauce for a new flavor. And 1/4 of a chicken for $5? Thats a crazy good deal.

My favorite side is the mac and cheese (5 different cheeses), followed by the spoon bread (there are pieces of corn layered on the bottom of the cast iron skillet), but I’m also a fan of the brown sugar bacon, and I need to try the sweet potato crock and the cheese dip.

The Eagle MenuHere’s the full The Eagle menu.

Stop in, I don’t know anyone who has been disappointed yet.

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meatloaf bake off

Isn’t it funny how everyone has their own version of meatloaf? One of my friends mentioned on Facebook that his mom makes a sauce out of cream of mushroom soup (whhhaaaat?). My friends and I have been trash talking about who makes the best meatloaf since 1L year and this week we finally had a competition to see whose loaf is the best.

meatloaf competition And lookwho came out on top. Me, with my modified version of the Pioneer Woman’s recipe that I’ve been making since undergrad. Graduation is in 36 days and we’re all moving to different places. I’m going to miss these people.


nick’s or jim ‘n nick’s

I couldn’t leave the south without sampling a little southern barbecue. My friends and I ducked into Jim ‘N Nicks on one of the many rainy days in Charleston. I was a lot skeptical about Jim ‘N Nicks because it’s a chain restaurant and good food and chains usually do not coincide. Jim N’ Nick’s (or simply Nick’s as this location likes to call itself. I think they want to seem like more of a local establishment) manages to produce quality barbecue despite the stigma of being a chain establishment. The pork was smokey and delicious, and I suggest adding a couple hits of the spicy barbecue sauce. And the cheese biscuits rock.

jim n' nick'sCheck out the full Jim ‘N Nick’s menu here.


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tom + chee

I’ve been to Tom+ Chee several times and have never had a bad meal. I still need to try one of the fancy grilled cheese donut sandwiches though.

fancy donut grilled cheeseThis is the blt chee and it is my favorite. There’s lots of butter on the bread and lots of crunchy bacon in the sandwich. Note the snow in the picture above; the sandwich and soup were perfect for the never ending winter the midwest is experiencing.

Tom + Chee- BLT chee


Check out the full Tom + Chee menu here, there are locations all over the city.

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cupcake down south

cupcake down south -  salted caramel chocolate

This is a salted caramel chocolate cupcake from Cupcake Down South. It’s almost too pretty to eat–almost. The icing is made from cream cheese, caramel, and cocoa; and the flecks of gold are sea salt and sugar. Cream cheese icing beats buttercream icing always.

Check out the other cupcakes from Cupcake Down South here. 

Click over to my instagram to see pics of a Guinness cupcake in honor of St. Paddy’s Day.

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I’m back from a glorious spring break vacation in Charleston, South Carolina. I had visions of lying on the beach all day and eating at great restaurants every night but the cold weather screwed up my beach plans. One out of two isn’t bad though. Charleston has so many great restaurants on King Street and beyond. If the weather had been better my friends and I could have tried a few food trucks too. All the more reason to go back (when it’s warm). My favorite Charleston restaurant was Prohibition. We stopped in for brunch and they had my favorite creme brûlée french toast on the menu. Coated in creme brûlée custard and rolled corn flakes,  it was perfect as always. Red pepper hash was my side dish, and what made it stand out was the sriracha hollandaise. It’s been added to my “must recreate” list.

Prohibition- creme brûlée french toast

Check out the full Prohibition menu here, and there are more pics from Prohibition on my instagram located on the right.

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